Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Well today has gone from "ok" to "eh" to "pretty dang crappy!!!!" real fast!!
So i decided to take a break from work (it's well deserved since i spent my lunch hour typing out a report and taking 4 bites of my lunch!) and look at some cutie photos of the boys a
nd make a quick post of their Easter!
yes...this will make me happy!!
Enjoy the pics :)

I have wantd the boys to have nice, custom, made with love, Easter baskets. So this year i decided I would make them so they have them for this year and every year to come. Thanks to the help of an awesome friend, i got them finished just in time!

and look what the Easter bunny brought the boys--matching swim suits and swim shirts! Since we have the boat now the Easter bunny decided we needed something for them to look cute in at the lake! You better belive summer photos will be taken in these!

I had a little too much fun posing the boys, not sure if BrotherBean enjoyed the basket or not...and I snapped this shot just at the right moment to catch the perfect look on BooderBeans face!

a HUGE highlight and ending to our Easter...BROTHERBEAN ROLLED OVER FOR THE FIRST TIME!
it's not the best picture but at least i caught it!!

I have so many more photos of the weekend to post so just be looking for many posts from me this week!!

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kjanedesigns said...

Sorry you're having a crappy day!! But I have to tell you - those baskets are ADORABLE!!!!!!