Monday, August 4, 2008

being a mom is not so glamerous at times

here's a confession of mine: i can be a little obsessed with things when it comes to booderbean. like for instance his schedule, or car trips (if you know us then you know we live about 30minutes to an hour from anything and i MUST plan accordingly) where booderbean might be sitting too long and not able to let his little legs stretch. I can worrying myself into a tissy that things might interfere with naps time or snack time or play time or any other much so that it drives military man crazy.
also...i can be obsessed with what goes into booderbeans body...and what comes out! i will examine--ok wait, not literally, but i will question, the poo in the diaper! because everyone knows, when they are babies that's one of the first questions the doc will ask "how are his diapers" so i had to have a good answer right!!! right???

well this past week(ish) booderbean has had some sort of tummy virus that has been zero fun for the whole family.
here's how our past week has looked:

bright green play-doh looking poo
same thing but felt great so he went to school
school called, bad diapers, diarrhea cha cha cha, booderbean and i went home
booderbean and i stayed home, diapers still no fun but feeling great
went to school/work, school called at 2pm, booderbean and mommy called doc, no appt available so we were given instructions and went home, also staying home Friday.
**here's where the glamour of being a mommy comes in**
Thursday evening:
instructed by doc to bring a stool sample to the lab first thing Friday morning.
my exact words to doc "a stool sample? but he's not potty trained, i can't do a stool sample!" news flash to me...YES I CAN! ooooooooh lordy, this is not going to be fun i know it!
so i get ready, i'm waiting and waiting, praying that daddy comes home from work and gets to do this fabulous chore. no such luck. 30 minutes before daddy comes home, booderbean has a diaper surprise for me. lucky lucky me! so armed and ready i collect our sample. then i'm informed it has to be refrigerated!!! WHAT???
note to self, we are so buying a little fridge for the garage for this very purpose!!!
Friday morning:
booderbean not feeling like himself, good thing we stayed at home.
Friday morning:
head to lab to deliver collected sample. but wait--it had to be refrigerated right, what to do,
we live 40minutes from the hospital lab. well i'll improvise--sample hidden in brown paper sack, sack inside walmart bag with ice packs. geeze i felt ghetto!
delivered sample and puttered around town hoping to hear from doc. never hear ANYTHING.
i get frustrated and head home, call around 4:15 and they STILL do not have lab results. ummm wasn't this the point of the sample? so i didn't have to wait till Monday???
doing a bit better, but only a bit
Sunday morning and day:
yeahhh!! everything looking good! baby is happy and feeling great and diapers are great
Sunday evening 8pm:
dangit! spoke too soon, the big D is back!
Monday (today):
feeling good so we go to school/ phone call yet! cross your fingers!
and lab called...tests are normal, too bad his bowels sure aren't.

oh yeah...and the entire time he was not doing so good in the diaper area--he was his happy, snugly, smiley self!!! you'd never know the boy was sick!

i just hope this week is better than last!
sorry again if this was TMI for you, but like i said...i can be a little obsessed when it comes to my baby :)

i'm so lost...

without my camera that is!! booderbean and i went to a friends first birthday party while military man did his military thing all weekend, and wouldn't you know it...took the camera out of it's case, set it on the picnic table...and there it stayed till i got the phone call of leaving it there! SO not only do i not have any pictures of on of our closest friends sons first birthday, but now i can't take any photos this week (unless i make the trip to pick it up during the week but i really can't see that happening) or post any from the weekend! what's a girl to do.

i guess you'll just be stuck reading my rantings for the next week...then I'm sure I'll overload on photos :)