Friday, October 5, 2012

An exit interview...

An interview with a fun loving, creative minded, silly acting, serious story telling, full of heart, soccer stud, outdoor boy, handsome, smart, helpful and talented SIX YEAR OLD!!

Showing off his "Go Pokes" pose!

Thanks to all our family and friends who helped me come up with some serious and funny questions for our you go, there's tons!!

1.  How old do you think mommy and daddy are?  "Mommy is 31 and Daddy is 32" (right on buddy!)

2.  What is the best part about OSU?  "That they play football"

3.  What is your favorite place in the world?  "Disneyland, but i haven't been there before.  So I would say the Orr Family Farm is my for real favorite place!"

4.  If you could change one rule that your family has, what would you change?  "To be able to wrestle harder with my little brother and not have to go easy on him because he is only two."

5.  What is something that makes your family special?  "That there is nobody else that looks like them, not even my mommy, she is the only person in the whole world that looks like that."

6.  Why is dirt brown?  "Because it has those little white things in it, you know, like in potting soil...well those are the blood cells I think, and they give the food to the soil to help it grow and not be sick and die and that is how it is able to turn brown."

7.  What kind of car do you want to drive when you turn 16?  "That's easy, a race car!"

8.  What is your favorite thing to do with Mimi and Papa in Ponca City?  "Riding on my bike to the bike park and going to play at the park after I ride the entire trail."

9.  What is your favorite thing to do with Grandma and Grandpa in Glencoe?  "Go on the four wheeler and check the cows"

10.  What is the funniest thing you have ever done?  "Done a hand stand and then accidentally do a summer sault after it, yeah, that's pretty funny--i bet you can't do it mom? can you?"

11.  What is your favorite thing about your brother?  "Whenever he laughs it is my favorite because he has a really hilarious laugh-don't you call it his belly laugh or something like that?, and then usually when he laughs i chase him around and he's funny again"

12.  What is your least favorite thing about your brother?  "That he doesn't like me to wrestle him hard, he always starts to cry and pretend like he's hurt so you'll hold him"

13.  Do Boogers taste better the older you get?  "NO!!!"

14.  What's something that Mommy and Daddy always say to you?  "Mommy always says 'Coleman do your chores! you say this to me every single day as soon as we get home from school!! i can't do anything else ever until i do my chores!!" "and Daddy always says 'Hi Coleman' when we call him on the phone every morning and night"

15.  What is something that mommy and daddy do to make you laugh?  "Daddy tickles me and Mommy always says funny things or sings funny songs"

16.  What is mommy not very good at? "Playing the Wii"

17.  What is your favorite word right now?  "Right-like, turn to the right"

18.  Now that you are turning SIX, what are your favorite memories of being five? "pulling out my first tooth, learning to tie my shoes by myself, and the end of the year party for Pre-K because we had a party day"

19.  Do you feel like you are prepared for the six year old world?  "yes, i think so, what does that mean though? oh wait, yes, i am prepared"

20.  What do you wish to accomplish in the coming year? "beating the whole entire Batman Wii game"

21.  What is 3x4?  "10"

22.  How do you score a goal in soccer?  "By kicking the ball into the net"

23.  If you could do one thing more than you already do, what would it be?  "Play the piano more" by the way--he doesn't play the piano ever right now, we don't even own a piano!!

24.  How fast can you run?  "10 miles per hour"

25.  How long can you hold your breath for?  "49 seconds, or something really long like that"

26.  How high can you count?  "all the way to 1000 and probably past that if I wanted to"

27.  What does mommy do at work?  "Talks to students alot"

28.  What does daddy do at work?  "well you mean now that he's retired from the Army or before? well now he works with metal stuff and works in a big shop"

29.  Why is the sky blue?  "Because God made it that way"
30.  Why do dogs have tails?  "So they can hit flies and gnats like cows do on their backs"

He's showing us that he is SIX!!

Took him for some fro yo and told him he could pile on ALL the toppings he wanted!

And here are a few things that Coleman wanted you to know about him at age SIX....
Favorite color:  Orange
Favorite food:  Shrimp
Favorite song:  Big Green Tractor
Favorite Restaurant:  Chick-Fil-A and Red Lombster
Favorite thing to wear:  Jeans, boots, orange shirt, and spurs
Favorite story in teh Bible:  David and Goliath
Favorite movie:  The Magic School Bus
Favorite book:  The Bible stories
Favorite Cartoon:  Curious George and Jake and the Neverland Pirates

Happy 6th Birthday big boy...your mommy and daddy are so lucky to be your parents!


Monday, October 1, 2012

Get Ready...Get Set....I'm Back!!

Been a little MIA for nearly the last year!!! And the hardest part was that since I hadn't posted in a few months, each time I would check back here I would stare at a blank white page trying to find the words to start back up again!

It really does upset me that I hadn't posted in nearly a year, and to think about all the milestones I have missed posting on and all those little memories I have failed to put down in writing!!
Well, that is changing folks, I'M BACK!

Not that there are tons of readers whom have been knocking down my door to start posting again or anything :) I more or less used this blog in the past as my "scrapbook" of memories for my children to hopefully look back on years from now and hear all the funny, silly, sad, heartbreaking, big, and little events of our life as the Krout Sprouts.

NOW that I'm back...let me introduce you to 7 new members, well temporary members, to our family! We have 7 new pups that will be FREE to good homes in about 2 weeks!
On a side note the cutie pie holding the baset turns thebig S-I-X tomorrow!!! Check back tomorrow to hear about his "5 year exit interview" :)