Monday, October 1, 2012

Get Ready...Get Set....I'm Back!!

Been a little MIA for nearly the last year!!! And the hardest part was that since I hadn't posted in a few months, each time I would check back here I would stare at a blank white page trying to find the words to start back up again!

It really does upset me that I hadn't posted in nearly a year, and to think about all the milestones I have missed posting on and all those little memories I have failed to put down in writing!!
Well, that is changing folks, I'M BACK!

Not that there are tons of readers whom have been knocking down my door to start posting again or anything :) I more or less used this blog in the past as my "scrapbook" of memories for my children to hopefully look back on years from now and hear all the funny, silly, sad, heartbreaking, big, and little events of our life as the Krout Sprouts.

NOW that I'm back...let me introduce you to 7 new members, well temporary members, to our family! We have 7 new pups that will be FREE to good homes in about 2 weeks!
On a side note the cutie pie holding the baset turns thebig S-I-X tomorrow!!! Check back tomorrow to hear about his "5 year exit interview" :)


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Simon Ringsmuth said...

You probably hear this from everyone who sees these pics...but they are so cute! And I can hardly believe your little guy turned six. Where does the time go? :)