Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Breakin' in" our Elmo PJ's

BrotherBean got to have "PJ Day" at his little school this week! He was so proud to get to pick out his own PJ's to put on that morning...oh and VERY opinionated about it as well :)
I laid out all his favorites: Moosh pj's (moose), a pair of Christmas ones that he just couldnt' part with after the season was over, his Choo Choo pj's (train pj's), and of course the Elmo ones.  Each time I would lay out a new pair he would toss them back in the drawer and say "No, I wear Elmo pj's to cool". BooderBean and I were cracking up at him picking them out. Of course Elmo won, and then we dug out our Elmo socks and of course had to put our Monkey cowshoes (house shoes) on. 
We even left the house 10 mintues early to have a mini photo shoot in the front yard before we loaded up and headed out for the day.

This whole fun, happy moods, morning came to a jolting halt as i realized i had just locked us all three out of the house with no house keys, no car keys, and a dead cell phone in my hand!!! Long story short, I learned how to break into our house and BooderBean got to climb through a bedroom window! 

I told him to do a funny pose...this was what he did!

he ws showing me is wrestling moves while in PJ's

My little cheeser!!
BUT we did all this in Elmo PJ's so it made it all better right :) right?????

Popsicle fun over the weekend

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Kendra Catron said...

Awesome! I would send Lucy in her Elmo PJ's to school ANY day!!