Wednesday, February 22, 2012

the HERE and NOW

Like many things in my life lately...i feel like I'm spinning out of control and trying to take on too much, do too much, be too much, to everyone! I find my blog that I used to update weekly, or more, being neglected because I either haven't taken enough photos or I haven't got the time to sit and post for five minutes.  And then...I went to Ash Wednesday Mass today...and my eyes, heart, mind, and soul were opened up to what is in front of me that needs more attention than anything. And what is that something you ask, LIFE!! Heard a great Homily, a much needed one in fact.  About how God put these 40 days in front of us so that we could step back and reflect on our lives, where we are going and what we are doing.  I realized I needed to take a look at the small picture in front of me every day, and not the big picture and my big "to do" list. 

Last night for example was EXACTLY what I needed to do, a friend asked me on a whim to come to the park with her kiddo after work and play with my boys and then grab some dinner and relax at her house...I instantly thought "no way can i do that tonight, I didnt' plan on it. Therefore I don't have a change of play clothes for the boys and I, I'll be in my work clothes, I didn't pack pj;'s for the boys for the ride home, I had plans of what needed done around the house tonight that i should do." But you know what i did instead...I left work, grabbed all of us a yummy drink (my last Starbucks for the next 40 days!), grabbed up my excited boys, and headed to the park to play! 

I am a big believer in "Everything happens for a reason".  God puts people in your life for a reason...this sweet friend of mine is opposite of me in many ways.  She is creative and crafty where i am not, she is most always living in the here and now when I am not, she makes me step outside of myself and just BE ME when she knows i need to, she is that person that i know i can call upon anytime of any day and she would never judge.  I realized today in Mass that God has placed me where i need to be in a BIG way.  Thank you to my A Girl.

Here are a few photos of events that have happened over the last few weeks that are my "here and now" photos...random, i know, but they are true life!
boys watching the mini hail storm

on a walk with my boys

they don't have clothes on, the room is a mess, but they are playing together haveing SO much fun

my BrotherBean playing

my BooderBean reading

BrotherBeans first time in a booster seat!!

(The photos will not turn for me for some reason...who cares :))


Kendra Catron said...

Great post today!!!! I needed to hear those words... Desperately! Thanks friend, God put you in my life for a reason!!!!!

Simon said...

Really good to read this, Cinda. I often feel like this too, and it's nice to just take a deep breath and remember that God is in control. And then focus on the things in life that actually matter, like spending time with family!