Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Your assistance is requested

I've decided to write a book, or a leaflet, or something of that sort. After being pregnant with Booderbean and now Baby K 2.0 I have encountered many moments where i feel "i should write this down" There are tons of pregnancy advice books out there ranging from various topics yet I haven't found one that just hits the nail on the head in such a way that I want to. The title of my book will be "You Know Your Are Pregnant When..." (more or less a mock off of Jeff Foxworthy).

My good friend Kasey was with me through the entire pregnancy (even showed up for the induction at 6am!) with me last time and shared in many of the not so good, embarrassing, difficult, fun, emotional times of this pregnant lady while Military Man was off serving our country far far away. She said many times that i just needed to write a book about it.

So i will be starting with my latest "moments" below (oh and all of my moments are true happenings!), and would LOVE to have all of you share your "You Know You Are Pregnant When..." moments.
Who knows if this will actually ever get published, but it will be fun to compile!
You Know You Are Pregnant When...
1. You leave work for the day at 5:00 p.m. armed with a baggie of grapes in one hand, and a leftover piece of pizza from lunch in the other. Because Lord knows you must eat ever hour or you just might starve!
2. Your toddler comments on mommies latest purchase of maternity underwear and hollers to daddy "Look at mommies underwear, DADDY THEY ARE HUGE!!!". all this with a look of shock on his face.
3. You are trying to carry on a very important conversation with a coworker and get interrupted by a phone call and literally have no clue what you were even talking about before the phone rang.
4. Your drive home from work every day is a constant struggle just to stay awake, the exhaustion is unbearable.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Fishin'

I don't think the scorching sun or 105 degree heat index bothered Booderbean even for one minute yesterday! We spent Father's Day with Military Man's family and from the minute Booderbean woke up that morning all he could talk about was going fishing and riding the 4-wheeler and playing with his cousin Shelby outside. I tried explaining to him how not many people were going to want to be outside that day, since it was supposed to be a sweltering day, but he didn't seem to care--the little cutie knew someone would go!

And they did! I'm pretty sure all Booderbean has to do to his grandpa is ask him and the next thing you know grandpa is pulling his boots on and they are heading outside! Military man and Grandpa and Booderbean headed out to the pond for some fishing and riding the Mule (the vehicle not the animal!), I of course had to tag along so I could snap some photos.

Grandpa and Booderbean hanging out in the Mule

Booderbean cast and reeled this one in all by himself!!! First time to do that!

Notice how sweaty and hot everyone is...I asked Military Man if it was too much to ask for a nice family photo outside...i just got a laugh fro him :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

i'll pray for you, you pray for me

I'm going to be a big of a copy-cat on my post...a blog i follow--and whom happens to be an old friend from church and high school posted the most awesome post. So good in fact, that i decided i needed to share his idea and get the praying moving :)

I have started the past month saying nightly prayers WITH booderbean. Usually i say our prayer and he listens. On our morning drives we've been talking a lot more about God and Heaven and who all is up there with him. We've had some recent events in our lives that lead us to this discussion more and more. I want booderbean to be comfortable with the idea that some of our loved ones have gone on to Heaven and we will join with them again some day. He's just starting on the praying part so basically it's something like this "i pray that i get to go outside and play at school tomorrow" or "i pray that i get corn dogs for lunch" things like that :)

So here's the deal...booderbean and i will add your prayer requests to our nightly prayers if you would like. The way i see it is, we all have things we need to pray for weather it be our family, our health, our kiddos, a prayer of thanksgiving, whatever it is...send me a comment and we'll have 2 more people sending your prayers up the the Big Guy :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

photo of the week

OK not that I'm saying this will be the only post of the week...I'm just saying this photo could be a "photo of the week" somewhere! Over the weekend we attended the annual Ice Cream Festival in a nearby town. They had all kinds of those bouncy, blow up machines for the kiddos to jump in. Booderbean got in a few of the littler ones, but wasn't too sure of the bigger ones.
I knew that once he got in them he would love them so they let me jump on in the slide one with him for a shot at it.

The photo says it all....Booderbean=excited and Momma=terrified???

By the way, the look on my face is because about .05 seconds after Military Man shot this photo, my legs and Booderbeans legs got wrapped around each other and i pretty much dragged the poor kid down the slide by his knees!!! I thought surely this was the end, he would never get on one again. Luckily i was wrong and he got back on another one. The crowd really did ones of those "oooooooooooooh" sounds as they saw us hurdling toward the bottom of the slide.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

All Aboard!

Two very wonderful things have happened over the course of the last week.
We have boarded the Potty Train!!!!!!!! And i have entered my 2nd Trimester!!!!!

Booderbean got the chicken pox last week and it forced him and i to spend the week cooped up in the house. What a perfect thing to happen!!! I got to enjoy a bit of SAHM life and was given the perfect opportunity to potty train the little man. He had been showing interest lately but we just hadn't nailed it down and stuck to it. And please each of you, right this minute, KNOCK ON WOOD for me. Dare i say this...but potty training is going WAY better than i ever could have imagined! All the worry and stress for the past year over this has come to and end, i feel so silly for stressing myself out over it. This is the second day he has gone to school in his big boy undies and he came home yesterday in the clothes he went to school in!

Every morning is so funny now, he races in when it's time to get dressed to lay aaaaaaaallll his underwear out on the floor neatly while he picks out what he will put on that day. it's too funny!

The picture below is not the best, i only had my camera phone on me at the time but he was posing and actually WANTED to have a picture taken with them on. you get the jest.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

the pox

Chicken pox has found it's way into our home! Actually as i post this we are on the very downhill side of the illness! YEAH!
I took booderbean to school Monday morning and just happened to show his teacher this itchy rash on his upper arm, i told her i was sure it was nothing but an allergy because we gave him benadryl and did benadryl cream and it was clearing up. I just wanted to be the informative mom and let her know, she went on to inform me that they had received a call from one of booderbeans little classmates parents late Friday evening that CHICKEN POX was at their home. which meant that for the 2 days prior to that the poor kid was at school infecting all the others because they didn't know he had it yet. Honestly i didn't' think anything of it because booderbean seem JUST fine and there was no way he had it. Never mind the fact that the kid that had it just happened to be booderbeans BFF.
Well about 11:45 on Monday my phone rings...his school is pretty positive he's got chicken pox! Great...i rush out of the office and try to make an appointment. Of course the doc is closed till 1pm for lunch. I go get the little man and sure enough, it looks like what i would assume chicken pox looks like. Finally get ahold of the doc and they won't see him until 4:30pm, AND we have to use the back entrance. They wanted to keep the exposure to other patients to a minimum, i get it i get it i really do, but MAN did i feel like we had the plague or something! So we head home to hang out till our appt. 4:30 rolls around and you guessed it, he has chicken pox. He is to stay out of school till the following Monday. Luckily since him and all his friends (5 others have been sent home with the same thing!) got the chicken pox vaccine they all have a very mild case of chicken pox, it's not nearly as bad as it was when we were all young!

I gotta say, even though my little boy is sick and not feeling so well and very clingy and emotional, this has been the best 2 days stuck at home of my life!!! We have played, red books, snuggled on the couch watching all of the Elmo DVD's, and cleaned the house like crazy!
I could really get used to this SAHM thing!!!

too bad i have to head to work tomorrow, have a seminar i just can't get out of.

Monday, June 1, 2009

the chef of the house

Let it be known now that I am in no way, shape, or form, a Chef. And I honestly have no desire to be either. I like to cook my family good home cooked meals, but they are usually pretty basic and follow a recipe strictly. I am not one to put "a little of this, and a little of that" in a meal, i would have no clue what to put in it unless the recipe told me.

Now, military man on the other hand...is a freaking CHEF!!! The man can cook you up a gourmet tasting and very fancy looking meal out of nothing! We've had those nights where i think there's nothing in the house i can make for dinner, and out of the blue within the hour he's created this fancy meal!
So....last night when my 10:00pm craving hit and the baby and desperately needed a snack, and of course nothing sounded good, military man came to the rescue. it was hilarious, all i asked for was an apple with some peanut butter. I'm thinking a bowl with some pb and a sliced apple right...no no no, not for my hubby, THIS is what he brought me:

apple slices, glazed in honey with pb in the middle and powdered sugar sprinkled on top!
Ladies, i am one lucky gal!!!