Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bathing Boys

BooderBean absolutely loves that Brother is old enough now to take baths with him! Bathtime is a fun time at our house as I'm sure it is for every family with little ones.  We haven't let the boys take bubble baths together yet, simply because everything under the sun goes straight into Brothers mouth--and i know bubbles would be one of them! 
I have some better bath time photos out there somewhere but these are the ones i took this week and i wanted to stick to my plan for the week of posting all the fun things we did during BooderBeans birthday week. 
Enjoy the silly boys photos!

Tomorrows post...Popcorn Cupcakes and Peach Smoothies!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Duck, Duck, GOOSE

The Krout Sprouts had a really fun relaxing, doing basically nothing but hanging out with my boys and having a good ol' family fun time!
Saturday we took the boys to the Outdoor and Wildlife Expo held in Guthrie at the Expo Center.  If you haven't been before i highly encourage it.  There was lots to do for everyone, BooderBean got to kayak, make his very own rope, and touch a real live alligator.  BrotherBean got to ride around in a stroller and people watch (his favorite thing!), touch all kinds of animal skin, and take a nap while riding around.  MilitaryMan and i got to look at some really cool stuff and shop a bit. So all in all a great day! Left the camera at home so no pictures from that day except for what is on my cell phone...and of course those are too good. I may post some later though.

Sunday we took the boys and my mom to the duck pond and park in Ponca City. Had a blast! both boys had so much fun feeding the ducks and watching them swim around and come up to them.  We also took BooderBeans bike with us and he got really brave at riding around and going up and down the hills and trying to do tricks, nearly giving his momma a heart attack the first time i saw him barreling down the hill!

Here are the boys...BrotherBean even got in on feeding the ducks...or himself that is! BooderBean is showing off the bread he is about to hurdle into the pond.

Not quite sure what BrotherBean was doing but he looks so cute like he's embarrassed

He loved sitting on the stump watching the ducks!

Posing with my favorite almost 4 year old!

 BrotherBean tried to crawl away from daddy and snag the bread!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Birthday Week!

This amazing boy is all MINE MINE MINE, and he will be turning four this Saturday, October 2nd.  I like to think birthdays shouldn't be just one day, you should get an entire week (or more!) to celebrate.  So this week I am planning all kinds of fun things for BooderBean, they are all the simple things in life that he loves to do and i plan to make this week amazing for him! 
He's such a fun and silly boy, and really growing into be such a smart little cookie! 
I think I'll save the "update on the last year" post for later in the week, I'm already a bit emotional :)
Here is a a photo that is ALL BooderBean!  It has turned into one of my favorites because it is the true BooderBean smile!  GreyGillfish of course took his photos. 
She is amazing in so many ways and i am so lucky to know her and call her my friend!

This week i plan to blog every day about my sweet big boy so watch for some pretty funny stuff!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Giddy on up!

BooderBean has informed us from a very young age that he is going to be a Farmer!  Over the last year he has become obsessed with Cowboys, Firefighters, and Farmers.  He has all the gear for all three at home and likes to dress up in the gear a lot.  If we see firetrucks, ambulances, etc. while out driving he is memorized by what they do and has a million questions.  Quite often you will find him asking us "Lets talk about Firemen" (or any other service worker of any kind).  What he really means by this is-Tell me EVERYTHING you know about them.  And if he doesn't think you've told him everything, then he'll ask the next person in the car or insist on asking Daddy when we get home!  He's also such a little ham, and likes to have his picture taken!  One random Saturday recently, he came out of his room all geared up in his Halloween costume from last year and sat on his cow and wanted his picture taken!  What a funny boy we have!
Here he jsut had to have a photo taken while drinking from his Canteen (full of milk!)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

two times the trouble

Don't these two just look like trouble in the making...
BooderBean had coaxed BrotherBean to crawl through the tunnel of the tent and they both
had some pretty silly faces afterward!

These two have SO much fun together, it is so fun to watch them learning to play together!
I have a feeling these boys will be trying to pull all kinds of tricks over mommy and daddy over the years!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Smarty Pants has been determined that when BooderBean enters grade school we just might be needing to hire a tutor for him! The boy is smart...and not the "he's my kid so I'm biased" kind of smart either, he's so good at logic and problem solving. it amazes me and cracks me up all at the same time! The boy is a born negotiator and will most defiantly be in congress some day!

Since we have a 40 minute one way commute we tend to pack our breakfasts and eat in the car together each's what the dialog went like today:

Me:  BooderBean you ready for breakfast?
B:  yeah, what did you pack for me today?
Me:  You have cinnamon sugar waffles, sliced apples, yogurt, and milk
B:  MILK??? i told you i wanted JUUUUUUUUICE!!!!
Me:  yeah and you had juice yesterday so you need milk today!
B:  ok, so then i will have strong bones right?
Me:  right, now come on-please eat your breakfast for momma
    (about 5 minutes pass and it's quiet in the backseat)
Me:  BooderBean what part of your breakfast are you eating?
B:  do you hear me eating?
Me:  nope i sure don't!
B:  then I'm probably eating my waffle huh, because if i was eating my apples you would know it.
Me:  really? how is that bud?
B:  because apples are loud and crunchy and you would hear them, and waffles are soft and quiet and you wont' hear them.

and all of this was in a very matter of fact kind of conversation, not rude, not condescending, just matter of fact mom!
pretty smart if you ask me!
love that boy!