Thursday, September 9, 2010

Giddy on up!

BooderBean has informed us from a very young age that he is going to be a Farmer!  Over the last year he has become obsessed with Cowboys, Firefighters, and Farmers.  He has all the gear for all three at home and likes to dress up in the gear a lot.  If we see firetrucks, ambulances, etc. while out driving he is memorized by what they do and has a million questions.  Quite often you will find him asking us "Lets talk about Firemen" (or any other service worker of any kind).  What he really means by this is-Tell me EVERYTHING you know about them.  And if he doesn't think you've told him everything, then he'll ask the next person in the car or insist on asking Daddy when we get home!  He's also such a little ham, and likes to have his picture taken!  One random Saturday recently, he came out of his room all geared up in his Halloween costume from last year and sat on his cow and wanted his picture taken!  What a funny boy we have!
Here he jsut had to have a photo taken while drinking from his Canteen (full of milk!)

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KendraJane said...

Cuteness!!!! After chasing Molly around with a camera for the last three years, I CANNOT WAIT until the day she says "take my picture mom!" :)