Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a sickly soul

This is my 4 1/2 year old baby boy...sick sick sick last week with strep throat!! poor kiddo looks so sad and sick in this photo-he had a temp of 103 when we walked in to the doctor that morning. 

Good news is after about 24 hours of being on antibiotics, resting in mom and dads big comfy bed, eating lots of cartoon character soup and yogurt (he wouldnt' touch Popsicles or ice cream because he said the "coldness hurts my throat"), he was then back to his normal self!

On a lucky note...BrotherBean didn't catch it!

Monday, May 16, 2011

where have i been...

I stole this title from a friends blog that i recently stumbled upon, she is literally THE most amazing writer and blogger, and i am secretly stalking her now and am addicted to her writings.  I have been feeling beyond guilty just about every single day lately when i pause to think "holy crap i haven't updated my blog in MONTHS!".  it's not that i don't think of a million things a day and say "oh that would be great to blog about", it's just that i simply don't take the time to do it! and the guilt you ask? well i wanted this blog to be my scrapbook and window for my children, a look into our past, and a look into their mothers thoughts.  i have failed them and myself, and therefore i feel guilt.
SO--no more--no more will i sit here and think i don't have time to blog because it will take hours to play catch up from the months of neglect, now i will post randomly, small, wonderful posts of my babies and our life!

...where have i been...

I've been office working, house hunting, cleaning, grieving over death, grieving in general, career path seeking, mommying, wifeing, living, loving, wedding going, Cancun traveling, graduating attending, birthday partying, Easter egg dyeing, conference planning, promenade attending, friend counseling, fishing, baby napping.

Now, how about a few photos to throw in the mix!! they are random--but then that makes it fun :)

BEST GUACAMOLE EVER..i was a little addicted!

my favorite person in the whole world and I in Cancun

my oldest and bestest friend in the whole world and I in Cancun

BooderBean snuggled up in our bed Easter morning with his Easter bunny findings!

my little BrotherBean..he did not take this bunny mask off the entire day!

so there...i feel better, we are a bit more caught up :) if i could now take the time to get the hundreds of photos off my phone and post i would be doing great!