Monday, January 26, 2009

we love ELMO

Do you think this boy has an obsession??? He just loves his Elmo!

We were having a lazy day at home and i was catching up on laundry and house work. Booderbean decided he needed to watch an Elmo DVD.
Then i caught this cutie pie all decked out with Elmo!

he's sitting on Elmo chair, holding Elmo, watching Elmo

He told me that the Elmo's got tired so he laid them down for a nap!

haha he's so imaginative i love this age!

I love this boy to pieces!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

2 year old with a gambling problem?

A few weekends ago our fantastic neighbor friends down the road had a birthday party for their little guy at Incredible Pizza! Have you been there? With children? It is literally a MADHOUSE!
Military man and i had been there before actually, on a date, just the two of us and it was pretty fun. Then we went to the party and there are sugar crazed, screaming kids everywhere, with their germie little hands touching everything in site...
and our 2 year old was becoming one of them!
By the end of the night we were all three exhausted, but we had a blast and booderbean had SO MUCH FUN! He has never been to anything like that so it was great for him to just go nuts for a little bit...oh yeah, and i think he may have developed a gambling problem as well :)

he went crazy gathering tickets!!!

I can't tell who enjoyed the toys more???

Thursday, January 8, 2009

looking good...ish

I don't typically feel that i am the kind of person that needs to have compliments thrown her way, but come on----
who doesn't' like to hear that you look nice when you are wearing a new outfit!

I know you readers know what I'm talking about, you just have those days when you know you look good-your hair turned out just right, your make up looked especially smooth & pretty, you have on a new trendy outfit that you are sure will spark some conversation......
and then you get nothing...nothing!

this has happened to me for the second time THIS WEEK!

Monday i wore a super cute new pair of pants and trendy sweater dress thingy...nothing!
Today i have on a super cute skirt with coordinating tights and top...nothing!

again, not that i need to hear the compliments...but come on!! :)

OK I'm done with the pity party!
here's to a fabulous Thursday!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My New Nephew!!!

My fabulous, beautiful, caring, wonderful mommy, hilarous sister and her husband recently welcomed their 3rd baby boy into their family!!

Garrett William was born on December 30th and weighed in at 7lbs 11oz!

And that's tiny for us girls! None of us knew how to hold the little man,
we are used to having our 9 and 10 pounders!

I have been instructed not to post any mommy and baby photos because sister wasn't feeling so well for photo ops so instead here are some cuttie ones of the little man!

I plan to take booderbean to visit his new cousin again this weekend and hope to get some great shots of the 4 cousins! Trust me, I'll be posting again on this cutie boy and his cutie brothers!

sleeping away!

so very alert!

booderbean was so proud to meet his new cousin...he calls him "giggett"