Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hospital trip #1...for 2011 that is

Missing our two cuties pretty bad this week!
Military Man has spent the last 5 days in the hospital for what we thought was a gall bladder attack.  Turns out the doctors aren't really sure what is going on with him just yet.  All we know is he has been through just about every test they have and has turned into a human pin cushion and we still don't have any definite answers, they are treating him pretty hard now with rounds of steroids in hopes that it fixes the problems so we will see. 
It's been really hard on BooderBean, just being away from us and the back and forth stuff.  BrotherBean--well he's pretty much like "whatever, as long as i have my paci and blanket then I'm good to go!".  My folks, and sister and brother in law have been literally, well, LIFESAVERS in all of this this past year.  If it wasn't for them i don't know what we would have done.  They have made it where i know my boys are well taken care of, on their schedules, and loved and happy, and I am able to be where i am most needed--in the hospital with MilitaryMan.  "Thank you" will never be enough for all they have done!

Mom brought the boys up for a visit today and that was so good! It was the first time they have seen daddy since he went in to the hospital on Tuesday.  It was so fun seeing them.
We did a little mini photo session here in the hospital room just so i could document the memory. 

I'll update just as soon as we get out of this hospital and back to real life! I can speak from waaaaaay too much experience that hospital life, is no life at all! Although, I have made quite a few new friends over all our stays here....nurses get to be your best friends!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Captian Destructo to the rescue!!

Well, i don't know if "to the rescue" is the right thing to say...but BrotherBean has most definitely now been dubbed "Captain Destructo"! The crazy little monkey is definitely our daredevil at home.  As a toddler, BooderBean was always so cautious and gentle and polite in his actions-yet all boy at the same time. As a toddler BrotehrBean comes in a room in a hilarity of a way, the silly kid chases his brother around the house crawling and toddling after him with this hilarious grin on his face laughing out loud the whole way-going 90 to nothing in minutes. He's not a mess, he's not a handful, he's just plain hilarious!  He's the kid who will go towards something in the house he knows he's not supposed to- all the way he's watching you with this smile and devilish grin that says "look at me mom and dad, lookie at what I'm going to do", he just loves to get a reaction out of you.
Well this weekend he got quite the reaction!  While having a stay-at-home-in-our-pj's-all-day kind of day yesterday we were busy cleaning out the toy boxes and playing with every single toy in the house all at once and BrotherBean decided to climb onto his new favorite "toy" aka-BooderBeans bed!  he loves to climb on it (because it's pretty much at his level and is the only thing he can climb onto by himself) and jump and crawl all over it like he's just done something magnificent.  Well this time it got the best of him and the side rail and his head collided in the perfect spot-smack dab in the middle of the eyes!  OUCH--it left quite the big, blue, goose egg!
He cried and wailed for about 15 minutes, then he was on the go again!!

this boy cracks us up and keeps us going 24/7. we sure love him but MAN he tires us out :)

Later this weekend we gave BrotherBean his first cup of cows milk! Here's a funny picture of him at dinner, showing off his big boy dinnerware! He looks like the good Catholic boy who's been to Ash Wednesday Mass...nope, that's a giant bruise! :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cruise with me baby....

Our little man is starting to cruise on his own! He's been walking around furniture like crazy for the past few months but on the day after Christmas, December 26, 2010 he finally took steps on his own! He's taking about 5 or 6 steps at a time now and then plopping on down and clapping and smiling! He's so proud of his new trick, however he does realize he can still get around much faster if he'll just crawl!

We spent Christmas WEEK in Ponca City and has a wonderful wonderful time! I have a million photos to go through before i  can even begin to post about it but here is just a quick review of the fun over the last week and a half:
  • Sleeping in until 8a.m.
  • Donut Day with Aunt Cinda
  • Driving around till 2a.m. trying to soothe a teething baby
  • Hitting the casinos
  • Lots and lots of date nights
  • Krout 50th Wedding Anniversary Party
  • Family Bowling day
  • Girls day
  • Dirty Santa
  • Game night
The only photo I'll post for now is this of BrotherBean crusin' on up to Santa. 
He started jabbering away with ol' St. Nick like they were buddies.