Monday, November 30, 2009

now THAT'S a big turkey!

Thanksgiving this year was so great! I got to eat and eat and eat!!! haha, one of the many perks of being pregnant at the holidays! I am pretty sure I had about 4 plates of my aunts stuffing! and MAN what i wouldn't' give for some right now!
Too bad my camera broke after taking 2 photos and i can't get the stinkin' thing to do anything! It's in the shop now getting worked on, luckily mom loaned us hers so we would have a camera for whenever Baby K 2.0 arrives!
Here are only 2 photos i managed to snag from my uncle, i don't know that i even got one of little Booderbean!!! surely someone in the fam got some!! i'll have to start searching!
BUT--even though the 2nd photo is not so flattering of me AT ALL, i wanted you all to see what a big ol' turkey i was at Thanksgiving :)
This is a photo of my sister and my cousin and I! love these girls!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

H1N1 is ruining my life right now!!

Not that anyone in our household has this awful virus or anything...but it is ruining the plans we had made and had been sooooooooo looking forward to for the birth of our second baby!!! You see, because of the big scare and worry out there of this new flu epidemic, all hospitals in OKC have put themselves on strict visitation orders! Meaning that the hospital we are delivering at will not allow anyone under the age of 12 to enter the hospital unless they are a patient, and only 2 visitors are allowed bedside at a time! WHAT????? you mean to tell me my 3 year old will not be allowed to visit his new brother or sister until we get home! This is so upsetting to me, it breaks my heart for my family and most of all for him!
There go those ideas of first time all 4 of us photos in the hospital, there goes the awesome plan we had for BooderBean announcing to everyone in the waiting room what gender we had just had, there goes me feeling safe and secure knowing my family is all in one place and I KNOW what is going on! To those of you reading this thinking, it's no big deal the little guy can stay at home and people can take turns with him for the 2-3 days you are in the hospital, make note of this--we don't' live in the same town as our hospital! We live about 40 minutes from the hospital-i don't want my baby boy that far from me and i don't want to have to rely on a random family member at a random time to watch him and not be able to be at the hospital themselves! I'm a ball of stress, nerves, tears, name it!

To the poor receptionist at the hospital that had to hear the brunt of...I'm sorry! Truly i am sorry i went off like a mad woman to you--it is not your fault, but I'm still not happy!

On a side note, all those emotions above have subsided a bit. After the last 2 nights of crying about it realized there is nothing we can do and they are just looking out for everyone's health and well being! We will just take it and roll with it!

How about a venting session huh!!!

How about a fun picture to liven things up a's from last Thanksgiving Day--BooderBean was helping Aunt NaNa wash dishes--don't you adore that cheesy grin!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Foto Faces Friday

This cute little turkey make the cutest Thanksgiving hat at school this week!

He woke up first thing this morning and had to put it on! PJ's and all :)

Happy early Turkey Day!

Monday, November 16, 2009

boy or girl--THAT is the question

As most of you all know, Military Man and I do NOT find out the sex of our babies until they are born to us. While this frustrates some, it leaves us feeling so excited! Yes, it is very hard to decorate and plan a nursery for a baby when you have no idea what you are having! And trust me--it makes it very tempting and hard when you shop and see all those adorable dresses, hair bows, hats, sweaters, etc. and knowing you will not purchase one thing until you know for sure what you are having! For BooderBeans nursery I decorated in sage/cream toile! I loved it! my mom handmade the bedding and curtains and some awesome friends from work added in the perfect touches with a matching nursery blanket. It was perfect!

The problem this time is...I am sick and tired of seeing green, cream, yellow, white!!! ICK! the colors make my head spin!

I decided this time around....we are doing chocolate brown and PINK or BLUE!!
So for now the nursery is 1/2 decorated in chocolate brown and paint samples are waiting with our choice of PINK or BLUE and soon as we know what we are having we are making one call to my awesome brother who is going out to buy paint and get the room finished that day!
THEN let the decorating begin!!!!
For now though...we were given the suggestion to post pictures of the bedding we have picked out for our little one..which we will wait to order until we have our baby in our arms!

BUT you better believe we'll have the laptop in the hospital with us so i can get some ordering done--I've got everything saved to my favorites and with just a click of the mouse the nursery will be ready to go!

here is a sneak peak of what is to come...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Coleman the Halloween Cowboy

This boy loved his cap guns!!! Since of course we were listening to the OSU game as we were traveling to trick-or-treat, we taught him to do "Pistooooools Fireeeeeeing!!!"

I know, I know, I know....I am so late in posting these Halloween photos! The truth is...I've been hella busy with life and work that i haven't found a spare moment to post!
so here are a few of my favorites...

Somehow throughout the night he named his stick horse "moonkey"?? no idea why!

Trick-or-treating to Aunt Tonya

Grandma and Grandpa and the littlest Cowboy!

Trick-or-treating to Aunt Sandy (notice the blue teeth from all the sugar Papa gave him!)

Like mother---Like son!!
Hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween!!!