Friday, November 12, 2010

11 month Bean

This precious little baby boy is 11 months old today.
Do you know what that means???? He will be ONE in a month from today. and WOW am i not believing that one at all! He had a pretty rough couple of months when he was younger and some pretty scary times in the hospital but he is such a fighter we just knew he would pull through! He is the most smiley little boy you have ever met! Here are a few points about BrotherBean at 11 months:
  • He eats anything and everything you put in front of him
  • He lights up when his big brother walks in the room
  • He loves the refrigerator, and can come out of no where crawling 90 to nothing when he hears the door open up
  • He loves to roll around in clean, warm laundry
  • He smiles ALL the time
  • He loves to clap, "clack" with his tongue, pull socks off his feet, throw his head back and laugh, mimic you and imitate what you do
  • He can say "mama" "dada" and "bubbas"
  • He loves to stand and bounce and walk along furniture a bit
  • He loves to get near the dogs food and water bowls...and he knows i hate it, so with a sheepish grin he does it anyway
  • He goes to bed smiling and wakes up smiling

Happy 11 month birthday BrotherBean!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall Fun

What is Fall without a roll in the leaves?
It's so amazing and wonderful to me how these two boys of mine absolutely love each other! When BrotherBean walks in the room BooderBean literally lights up and screams with excitement. I hope they go on the rest of their lives taking care of each other, looking out for each other, and loving each other!

Monday, November 1, 2010

My Sweets and their Treats

We had a weekend FULL of festivities!  We started the weekend with Mexican dinner and mango margaritas to celebrate my early 30th birthday and my brothers early 24th birthday!  The evening was so fun and full of family! My folks surprised my brother and sister and i with tickets to the Transiberian Orchestra concert in December!!!!! Something I've been wanting to do for years, so talk about surprise!!!

The rest of the weekend included the following fun activities which I'll post about throughout the week:  early morning play-doh fun just BooderBean and I, baking for a cake walk, Fall Carnival at the boys school, potato sack races, playing in the leaves, trick-or-treating multiple times, building a fort, reading Halloween books in bed, shopping and major meltdowns, more trick-or-treating!

Halloween Night 2010:
Trick-or-Treating to Ponca City family:

BrotherBean and Aunt Sandy with a Halloween card:

Trick-or-Treating to Glencoe family

 Mommy and her boys hitting up the last houses:

Last photo of the night in their costumes-looking oh so tired!

In PJ's and loaded in the truck, ready to head home after a night of fun!