Friday, May 29, 2009

happy birthday my love!!

(Christmas 2008)

Tomorrow, Saturday May 30th, is Military Man's 29th Birthday!!!!! i asked him this morning if he was getting depressed at all, he looked at me like i was crazy.
For some reason i have had SUCH a hard time with him turning 29, because that means in 6 months i too will turn 29 witch in turn means only 1 year and 6 months till I am 30!!

ANYWAY...the point of this post was NOT to dwell on that Bologna, it was to wish the love of my life, the awesome father of my 2 kiddos, the bravest and strongest military man, and my best friend and soul mate a very very Happy Birthday!!!
(military man and booderbean in their PT's)
(still my most favorite photo ever, when daddy was home on leave!!)
(military man receiving Soldier of the Year 2008)

Happy Birthday to my one and only!!

Forever and Always.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

favorite part of the weekend

I gotta say....of all the fun having, busy doing, lazy being, outdoor playing, sun soaking, campfire cooking, fish catching, pool swimming, family enjoying things we did this past Memorial Day weekend, my favorite moments happened on Sunday as we spent the afternoon doing whatever we wanted and just spending time the 3 (er 4) of us!
Military man conducted the 21 gun salute for the National Guard Memorial Day ceremony in the a.m. and then we took booderbean out for a yummy lunch, we piddled around and shopped some, went to sonic for a cold afternoon treat, took our time grocery shopping and picking out all the ingredients for our own little cookout, went to hubby's Armory to let booderbean ride the Humvees, and then took our time driving home and stopped and picked some pretty wildflowers for a nice bouquet! We did alot of fun things this weekend and have made lots of fun memories, but to me the best things happened just by doing nothing!

he was trying to smile but the sun was "blocking his eyes" as he told me.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

my preggo booty...

Apparently my ever growing pregnant booty is something to look at! And trust me, I had no idea because it's not fitting into any of my Capri's for the summer so I'm not sure WHAT the attraction could be!

I decided to take full advantage of this lovely summer day and wash and vacuum my SUV for my lunch break. The black vehicle is now shiny black again (instead of covered in red dirt from our fabulous country roads) so i head on over to the vacuum side to get to work. As I'm taking the floor mats out and picking up books and plastic farm animals off the floor i notice a nice looking gentlemen vacuuming his car next to me. Being the friendly person i am, i smile and say hello and then get on with my job. Then as I'm vacuuming i can't help but feel someone looking (no gawking!) at me, and out of the corner of my eye I can see this man is soooooooo not vacuuming--he's staring right at me watching my every move as I do my job! I try to ignore it and go on to do the back seats...not luck, it's blatantly obvious that he's staring at my big ol' pregnant booty as I'm cleaning!
Usually I'm a nice person, who never says anything, i just ignore stuff like that and leave the talking back and comments to my husband--who trust me, usually has a lot to say to people in these situations. But not now, now that I'm pregnant apparently I'm becoming quite feisty!!
I stuff the mats back in my car and move the vehicle over to another spot to finish my vacuuming in peace. The gentlemen looks at me and says "oh, was that one not working for you Missy?". This time i snap back and honestly said to the man "No, it worked just fine, i just to appreciate someone starring at my ASS while I'm trying to clean my car! is that ok with you SIR?", and turned around and got back to work!

Military man would be so proud!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fishing Fun

We took booderbean for a fishing and picnic night on Monday night! He had so much fun and so did we. Chandler Lake is only 15 minutes from our house and has the best little fishing and campout areas. It was a nice night and we just needed a change from our mundane evenings. Poor booderbean thought we were going on a camping trip though because he kept asking us "where are we going to sleep, where is my sleeping bag and tent??"
To make it up to him we are going camping Friday night!

He LOVED the picnic, i think it may have been only our second one (the first only being in the backyard!). We'll be doing that a lot more this summer!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Foto

WOW 2 posts from me in one day!?!?!?!
Well as i mentioned in my ramblings from before...i went out at lunch and bought a new camera cord so i could get the photos off my camera and onto here!

When the destruction to our spare bathroom happened last night my first words to military man were "oh don't you worry, this is sooooooooooo the topic of my blog post tomorrow!!!" I was angrier than any pregnant redhead could be!

notice all of booderbeans bath toys are destroyed, notice my pretty flowers that used to be in a pretty vase on the counter are destroyed, notice the white wicker stuff everywhere that used to be baskets containing booderbeans bath towels and washcloths, notice my CHI on the floor DESTROYED!!! what happens when you leave a 2 month old, 80 lbs St. Bernard alone in your bathroom for 3 hours!
luckily we hadn't done any of the redecorating to the bathroom except my pretty new floors! i woulda really been mad had i redecorated already.

momma was not happy :)

Friday Free For All

There's a few things on my mind today....HAPPY FRIDAY YA'LL

1. When i get on to or correct booderbean for a bad behavior he now responds to me with this sad puppy dog face and says "you be nice to me, that makes me sad"! BREAKS my heart but apparently that's how they teach them at school to respond to their friends for behavior that is not nice.

2. Booderbean has decided he doesn't want to snuggle in the rocking chair as long anymore at night, once the books are read he wants to hop off and walk to his bed for me to sing! where is my baby boy?

3. This baby in my belly is doing weird things to me...weird! Like making me think i NEED to eat chips and dip every morning at 10am at work, and then every evening around 10pm in bed.

4. Went out and bought me a Bella Band this week! It's the new love of my life! this thing is amazing! i can wear the pants i want, walk around with them unbutton (cuz Lord knows my pants don't button anymore!) and no one is ever the wiser!

5. Military man bought booderbean the most awesome Fedora hat at Baby Gap this week! our spring pictures are going to rock!

6. Crap--apparently i can't eat raspberry filled donuts at my desk anymore, filling is now on my jeans!

7. The Grey's season finale last night left me with swollen eyes this morning. I'm pretty sure military man thinks i went crazy for a minute or two during the show last night!

8. The new wood floors and ceramic tile floors and counters and back splash are finally finished in our house! I'm so excited to finally have it done, it's been a long process of our house being torn up with workers in and out and tools all over the place.

9. OH MY--military man brought home agian beast of a dog as our new "pet". We now have an 8 month old, 80 pound St. Bernard living with us! Think the movie Beethoven, b/c that is exactly what it is like! If you know me at all you know i am soooooooooo not an indoor animal kind of gal, so this is beyond words NOT MAKING MOMMA HAPPY! and the fact that i wasn't even consulted on the matter! i could go on and on about this but won't for now...I'm sure many posts from now on will be about this dog and the damage it is doing to my home!

10. SURE do wish i could get you all some photos up here but unfortunately I've lost the cord to my new camera and can't download the photos!!!! and apparently the 4 other cords in my office and house do not work, guess i bought a "special camera". I'll be shopping at lunch for a cord!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baby Doc update

So Baby K 2.0 is growing big and strong at 10 weeks and 5 days today! And let me tell you, this momma seems to be growing as well! I only gained 6lbs since my last visit (at 5 weeks) but my baby bump is a growin'! no..i am not posting a photo yet! I am having my dear friend BO, take family and maternity photos soon and i am beyond words excited!! Go check out her amazing work at:

Well the nausea is settling a bit, now I'm only sick from the minute i wake up until about noonish. At least it's not lasting all day anymore. But i am here to tell you that what they say about "every pregnancy being different" is so true! This pregnancy is completely the opposite in every single way than my pregnancy with booderbean. I think I've experienced every symptom I've ever heard about. But i have a dear dear friend, Miss Kasey, who is a dietitian and the smartest woman i know. She is getting me through every little bump in the road. She was there with me when i was eating a block of cheese a day with booderbeans pregnancy, and she's here now when i am not eating or drinking anything but OJ :)

Not much else going on in Baby K 2.0 world so I'll close for now, and i promise...I'll get better at blogging soon :)