Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Free For All

There's a few things on my mind today....HAPPY FRIDAY YA'LL

1. When i get on to or correct booderbean for a bad behavior he now responds to me with this sad puppy dog face and says "you be nice to me, that makes me sad"! BREAKS my heart but apparently that's how they teach them at school to respond to their friends for behavior that is not nice.

2. Booderbean has decided he doesn't want to snuggle in the rocking chair as long anymore at night, once the books are read he wants to hop off and walk to his bed for me to sing! where is my baby boy?

3. This baby in my belly is doing weird things to me...weird! Like making me think i NEED to eat chips and dip every morning at 10am at work, and then every evening around 10pm in bed.

4. Went out and bought me a Bella Band this week! It's the new love of my life! this thing is amazing! i can wear the pants i want, walk around with them unbutton (cuz Lord knows my pants don't button anymore!) and no one is ever the wiser!

5. Military man bought booderbean the most awesome Fedora hat at Baby Gap this week! our spring pictures are going to rock!

6. Crap--apparently i can't eat raspberry filled donuts at my desk anymore, filling is now on my jeans!

7. The Grey's season finale last night left me with swollen eyes this morning. I'm pretty sure military man thinks i went crazy for a minute or two during the show last night!

8. The new wood floors and ceramic tile floors and counters and back splash are finally finished in our house! I'm so excited to finally have it done, it's been a long process of our house being torn up with workers in and out and tools all over the place.

9. OH MY--military man brought home agian beast of a dog as our new "pet". We now have an 8 month old, 80 pound St. Bernard living with us! Think the movie Beethoven, b/c that is exactly what it is like! If you know me at all you know i am soooooooooo not an indoor animal kind of gal, so this is beyond words NOT MAKING MOMMA HAPPY! and the fact that i wasn't even consulted on the matter! i could go on and on about this but won't for now...I'm sure many posts from now on will be about this dog and the damage it is doing to my home!

10. SURE do wish i could get you all some photos up here but unfortunately I've lost the cord to my new camera and can't download the photos!!!! and apparently the 4 other cords in my office and house do not work, guess i bought a "special camera". I'll be shopping at lunch for a cord!

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greygillfish said...

Hearing about the fedora made me VERY happy this morning! :)

Glad your house is finally finished. I bet that is a huge relief.

Chips and dip at 10:00 am and pm sound great to me and I am not preggo. LOL!