Thursday, March 31, 2011

Too Cute To Sleep Momma!

This morning I am remembering back to a post from long ago, when BooderBean was a little guy...because last night with BrotherBean was a night like no other, a night I hope I never experience with him again for a long long time! The post I am refering to is this one.  As I was thinking about posting about the NO SLEEP night for BrotherBean and momma last night I was remembering back to posting about the NO SLEEP for us all with BooderBean only 2 short years ago. 

Last night was jsut one of those wierd nights with your baby where you have no clue what is going on with them but they go from schedule to no schedule overnight!  For the past 6 months BrotherBean has  been the kid that goes literally from 90 miles and hour chasing BooderBean around the house to zero and ready for bed in 2 seconds.  He jsut needed his snuggles, pacifier, blanket, and he would sleep from  7:30-7:30 no problem.  UNTIL last night!!!

****Disclaimer--this is the point where I quit the post for the day probalby from lack of sleep??****

I was going to delete this post but then decided not to, I want to have these posts to look back on years from now and remember the hard, good, fun, sleepless times :) 

so anyway, like I was saying...that nigth was horrible but both poor BrotherBean and myself.  Neither of us slept long at all.  He was ALL over the place, he would be ok rocking for a few minutes and be completly out-then I would stand up to lay him in his crib and he would wake up whaling and just cry the saddest tears for me to pick him up. we did this for hours. then I decided ok-this is it-we are doing the "cry-it-out" method. THAT was a bad choice becuase all he ended up doing was crying himself sick...literally! So he and I slept in the rocking chair, then moved to the recliner, then the spare bedroom bed, then back to the rocking chair.  He jsut flat out couldn't get himself comfy enough to relax enough to fall asleep for longer than 2 hours at a time, it was frustrating and sad for him.  I wasn't upset or frustrated as it may sound, I was just so sad and frustrated FOR HIM because you could see he was SO uncomfortable and yet could not go to sleep. 
Lucky for him he has a momma who does very well on no sleep :)

Finally at 5 a.m. I brought him in to MilitaryMan (whom had been SOUND asleep and SNORING the entire night along with BooderBean, how on earth they slept through it all I have no idea), laid him in the bed and jumped in the shower.  He slept soundly till 7am when he had to get up.

But the little man is jsut so stinkin' cute, and he is just full of smiles and life just makes him so happy, that he woke right up after maybe 4 hours of solid sleep just as happy as can be!
He went to school and took a 3 hour nap that morning :) Wish i could say i did the same thing!

SO...last night (night after the night from Hell!) Military Man and i decided if nothign else it has got to be his teeth so we started the infant tylonel and doses of teething tablets (more or less in hopes that it would relax him to sleep and not because somethign was actually wrong with him).  Guess it was his 1 year molars still giving him fits becasue SUCCESS happened and last night he slept without making a peep from 7:45pm-7am!

Now that the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad night (anyone read that book??) is finally over i can smile...because we are back to "normal" at our house and this cute little hilarous boy is happy again!

(photo taken while camping over spring break--post on this to follow)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

"There's no place like home, There's no place like home"

I'm stealing those words right out of Dorothy's mouth!
There really IS, no place like home!

I fly out of SUNNY Phoenix tomorrow bright and early, and will gladly jump on that plane and
head my way back to OKLAHOOOOOOOMA!
And more importantly back to these fine fabulous little men!

(YES, i know this photo is from December, but they just looked too stinkin' cute and they were posing for me so well that I just had to post this photo!)

Friday, March 11, 2011

"it's a good miss"

"it's a miss, but it's a good miss" is what my mom always told me when i would be sad if she would leave or if i said I told her I would miss her. I have said it to BooderBean many times over the years and have heard my mom say it to him when he has been with her and missed mommy and daddy.  I love this quote because it is so true.

Tomorrow i will be leaving my man and boys at home while I am in Phoenix for the week with work.  while I love the fact that i get to travel a bit with work, i am DREADING it like nobody's business this time, i just dont' want to leave my boys!! BUT i know that while i am missing those three like crazy, it will be a good miss!

These two will keep each other cozy and comfy and get lots of snuggles from each other while I am away...
They will get some big play time in...
They will read books...

And they will have movie nights with snacks and friends...