Wednesday, November 26, 2008

can i get a NAP?

SERIOUSLY i don't know if i can be more tired than i am today!!! I think i even got more sleep when booderbean was a newborn than he is giving us now!!! Yeah, so the no ray ray thing is going great, we don't have it, we threw them out, he goes to sleep so so so great with out it!! BUT the boy doesn't' STAAAAAAAAAAY asleep!! here is a break down of last night (and the past few nights as well!!):

8:00pm--bath time, read books with mom while rocking, rock and sing
8:20pm--sound asleep with no pacifier and clutching blankie
anywhere between 11:45pm and 12:30am--STANDING in bed, awake, will NOT lay back down in own bed
12:30am--sound asleep in mom and dads bed with feet and arms kicking and punching all over the flippin place, AND having what i would assume is a nightmare b/c he's asleep but screaming and whining till military man talks him back to sleep--all in our bed
12:35am--military man gets called out to work, booder bean and mommy stretch out and sleep soundly
2:30am--military man home, well sleep good
3:37am--booderbean is whining and upset and demands to sleep on the floor with military man..WHAT??? this kid is nuts, i think he's sleep talking?
5:20am--military man moves booderbean back to our bed and we are all sleeping soundly
5:40am--my alarm clock goes off and i of coures hit snooze
6:07am--i jump up and get my day going (27 minutes behind schedule!!) booderbean and military man sleep soundly
6:25am--booderbean walks out to living room, dragging blankie like Linus from the Peanuts, and is up for the day

LORD HELP US....we have the ray ray gone but the sleep thing is literally going to drive me off the edge!!!
you all better believe some wine will be had tonight!!!


morewineplease said...

I got worn out just reading it.. enjoy some wine tonight dear!

SandyK said...

Oh my. NOT fun!!!. BUT, this too shall pass - I know, you want to know WHEN!!! So great he is ok with pacificer being gone. Grab a nap whenever you can!!! Was great to see you all last night. Coleman is so fun and so adorable. Love you, Aunt Sandy