Monday, November 24, 2008


Like my good friend and fellow blogger KJ, i have been so excited for this day to write up this post--yet at the same time i was very leery to post too soon as not to jinx myself!
i know this may not seem like a big deal to many of you but oooooooooooh my lord i am about to jump out of my skin i am so so so excited!!!! Not that the ray ray (this is what booderbean has named his pacifier since the day he could talk) has been a problem at all. He actually hasn't been THAT attached to it at all, for the past year it has only been at nap time and at bed time (ok and the occasional trip home from school when he's fussy) but that was it, he wasn't one of those kids walking around w/ a ray ray hangin' out of his mouth! No way!!!

Military man and i have been ready to kick this thing and just get rid of it but i wasn't looking forward to the nights of no sleep (i had it built up in my head that i would go a week with a screaming 2 year old all night). So we decided that over Christmas break we would do it, I get a wonderful 2 weeks off work and decided we would do it then so we could nap during the day.

But the good Lord had something different in mind when we left Friday morning for work/school. We went to Ponca City for the weekend and since booderbean has only been using the ray ray for bedtime for the past month i didn't pack it b/c he wouldn't' need it during the day anymore for naps. On our way to PC Friday evening i called military man and asked if he grabbed it before he left to meet us in PC. And nope, we didn't have a ray ray!!! So we decided that there was nothing else to do but tough it out and try, we were not going to buy another one because that would defeat the purpose!

And you know what....all my fears were set aside because it was not a battle at all!!!! Booderbean did so well! of course the first night was a little rough but after a few minutes of crying he was out, and second and third night it's been so wonderful!

As booderbean would say "Momma Happy? Momma Happy?"
Yes, baby boy...i am happy!!!!


morewineplease said...

it seems to be worse on the parents than the child! Good Job mamma!

greygillfish said...

YEAH Booder bean! I remember dreading those nights with both my kids too. It wasn't bad with either and I worked it up in my head to be so horrible. In fact, GiGi walked to the trash can and thru hers away on her own. I was so shocked!

RAY RAY is so cute. GTO had a strange name for his paci too. He called it Deo. We have no idea why.

greygillfish said...

Did I mention I love this little picture of Booder Bean! He is beautiful.