Wednesday, November 26, 2008

can i get a NAP?

SERIOUSLY i don't know if i can be more tired than i am today!!! I think i even got more sleep when booderbean was a newborn than he is giving us now!!! Yeah, so the no ray ray thing is going great, we don't have it, we threw them out, he goes to sleep so so so great with out it!! BUT the boy doesn't' STAAAAAAAAAAY asleep!! here is a break down of last night (and the past few nights as well!!):

8:00pm--bath time, read books with mom while rocking, rock and sing
8:20pm--sound asleep with no pacifier and clutching blankie
anywhere between 11:45pm and 12:30am--STANDING in bed, awake, will NOT lay back down in own bed
12:30am--sound asleep in mom and dads bed with feet and arms kicking and punching all over the flippin place, AND having what i would assume is a nightmare b/c he's asleep but screaming and whining till military man talks him back to sleep--all in our bed
12:35am--military man gets called out to work, booder bean and mommy stretch out and sleep soundly
2:30am--military man home, well sleep good
3:37am--booderbean is whining and upset and demands to sleep on the floor with military man..WHAT??? this kid is nuts, i think he's sleep talking?
5:20am--military man moves booderbean back to our bed and we are all sleeping soundly
5:40am--my alarm clock goes off and i of coures hit snooze
6:07am--i jump up and get my day going (27 minutes behind schedule!!) booderbean and military man sleep soundly
6:25am--booderbean walks out to living room, dragging blankie like Linus from the Peanuts, and is up for the day

LORD HELP US....we have the ray ray gone but the sleep thing is literally going to drive me off the edge!!!
you all better believe some wine will be had tonight!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Like my good friend and fellow blogger KJ, i have been so excited for this day to write up this post--yet at the same time i was very leery to post too soon as not to jinx myself!
i know this may not seem like a big deal to many of you but oooooooooooh my lord i am about to jump out of my skin i am so so so excited!!!! Not that the ray ray (this is what booderbean has named his pacifier since the day he could talk) has been a problem at all. He actually hasn't been THAT attached to it at all, for the past year it has only been at nap time and at bed time (ok and the occasional trip home from school when he's fussy) but that was it, he wasn't one of those kids walking around w/ a ray ray hangin' out of his mouth! No way!!!

Military man and i have been ready to kick this thing and just get rid of it but i wasn't looking forward to the nights of no sleep (i had it built up in my head that i would go a week with a screaming 2 year old all night). So we decided that over Christmas break we would do it, I get a wonderful 2 weeks off work and decided we would do it then so we could nap during the day.

But the good Lord had something different in mind when we left Friday morning for work/school. We went to Ponca City for the weekend and since booderbean has only been using the ray ray for bedtime for the past month i didn't pack it b/c he wouldn't' need it during the day anymore for naps. On our way to PC Friday evening i called military man and asked if he grabbed it before he left to meet us in PC. And nope, we didn't have a ray ray!!! So we decided that there was nothing else to do but tough it out and try, we were not going to buy another one because that would defeat the purpose!

And you know what....all my fears were set aside because it was not a battle at all!!!! Booderbean did so well! of course the first night was a little rough but after a few minutes of crying he was out, and second and third night it's been so wonderful!

As booderbean would say "Momma Happy? Momma Happy?"
Yes, baby boy...i am happy!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

the band-aid

we have a bit of a problem at our house,
you see, we have a 2 year old who is addicted to BAND-AIDS!
it's quite funny, if he bumps his knee or scratches his arm (even in just the tinest way) we need a band-aid on it quick. i'm sure many of you moms and dads out there are laughing right now because i'm sure this is a common thing for a 2 year old.
but the problem is...this particular boo boo is on his head, meaning the band-aid is in his HAIR!!! and this is day two of the band-aid being in the hair, and he is showing absolutely no signs that it will be coming out anytime soon! in fact, we've tried, oooooooooo how we've tried! and each time it's "no, band-aid stay in mine hair".
here's a visual for's not the best picture but i had to snap something!
this was taken this morning on our way to school.
booderbean, i don't want to have to shave your head (oh LORD no!!!)
but this thing HAS to come out :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the dog did it...

ok...i had to calm myself before i could even post this! it's been awhile since i posted and mainly it's because i wanted to capture evidence of the destruction our family dog has done! I'm sure none of you really knew we even have a dog, that's because Gunner is more military man's hunting dog than a family pet. Or at least that's how he started out.

A little history first...

While military man was deployed this most recent time his best buddy told him he found the perfect hunting' dog for us and he was just a pup. He graciously offered buy the pup and give him a home and begin training him so that when military man returned from duty he'd be ready to go. All he asked in return was a few souvenirs from Afghanistan. Sounded like a good deal to us! Gunner is a full bread German short-hair and he has now reached the status of "family member". He's a great dog and we love him dearly and he is so great with booderbean, and booderbean is pretty much attached to him too.
BUT--like every dog...they have their days!!!

below is a photo of what we found in our backyard last week...apparently Gunner has become a digger AND A CHEWER!!!!!!! Let me tell you all now, if he digs up my rose garden he'll be finding himself a new family!!! I guess this is what i get for leaving my tennis shoes outside for one night!

The part that really ticks me off is he's NEVER been a digger or chewer! even when he was a little pup!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

my monkey man

Opps...i just realized i didn't post Halloween pictures!! I won't blog much, but I wanted to show how cute our little monkey turned out! Also a few pictures from his first school party!!

brown eyeshaddow

Today i applieda new shade of brown eyeshadow...well i put it on rather heavily to cover up what i just know is going to turn into a BLACK EYE by the middle of the day! You see, booderbean has been getting in to our bed about 1/2 way through the night for the past 3 weeks, and ladies and gentlemen, he is not a calm sleeper until he is completely out! Usually he tosses and turns and wiggles his way into the warmest crook of the bed right smack between me and military man--fine by us, we love the snuggles! Although last night was like there was a circus in the bed, that boy was all over the place...and mind you, he's 1/2 asleep when he's doing this and says' some of THE weirdest stuff!!! Booderbean was kicking me in the face...yes, kicking me in the face!!! So I'd shove him over to military man and roll over, just for him to kick me again and say in the sleepiest sweet voice "i kick momma face, i kick momma face". I would gently say (ok maybe not so gently, remember it's like 3 in the morning and I've been beat up for the past at least hour!) "no sir, we do not kick momma's face, now go to sleep or your going to your bed". Finally military man knew what he needed to do....he grabbed a pillow and headed to the couch! WHAT??? how does this help me??

So I roll on over and try and get at least an hour of sleep before the alarm goes off...and booder bean, sprawled out and feel into a deep sleep for the rest of the night.

Military man was right, booderbean needed some space i guess :)

So, if my eye turned black today you'll all know know.

Monday, November 3, 2008

are you kidding me???

#1 reason you should check your children's candy before they dive in!
That's right, look closely.......your eyes are not messed are seeing correctly...
the above picture is our stash of candy that booderbean collected Halloween night.
and YES that is a COUGH DROP in there!!!

we seriously came home and dumped out the candy and found that!!!

only in Oklahoma folks :)

the sweetest thing...

The sweetest thing is a BIG KISS from Coleman!
On my birthday evening we were getting him ready for bed and he was fresh out of the tub and was giving mommy nite nite birthday kisses, he just wrapped his little hands around my neck and gave me BIG KISSES! Best birthday present ever baby boy!