Friday, October 30, 2009

a 3 year olds smile

Booderbean is going to be a cowboy with a stick horse for Halloween this year. Since his school party isn't until later this afternoon the kiddos weren't wearing their costumes to school, they are changing later. Which was fine by me because he has so many Halloween clothes that i needed to sneak in one last outfit before the day was over. I wish the below photo showed all his Halloween attire...he has on: Halloween socks, underwear, pants (only because they are black but hey he thinks they are Halloween pants), and shirt.

I'm hoping the photos i take at his party and then from trick-or-treating are better smiles...he's been doing this whole cheesy, super smile lately??

He had to lay down and show off his new bench daddy got him for his birthday! He loves this thing, we were of course going to move it outside where it obviously belonged but he won't let us, it's "just my size" he tells us so it has to stay indoors :)

Happy Halloween to you all, more pics will follow this weekend!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Foto Faces Friday (a day early!)

Since tomorrow is already looking to be a busy day for me, i decided to go ahead and post my "Foto Faces Friday" post.

I must brag for a second (or more) on a truly wonderful family and amazing photographer, GreyGill Fish! She has already posted photos from this wonderful photo shoot she did for us but i had to add in my top 4 favorites! We had the chance to have photos taken by her recently for BooderBeans 3 year old photos and then we did a mini maternity shoot with her as well that night (big maternity shoot this weekend with her!!!), after the shoot we enjoyed an awesome dinner at their home and a relaxing time letting the kiddos play and letting the adults catch up (such a good time that BooderBean cried and begged us to let him stay!!)
We love them, they are a great family and some great friends.

Thanks for taking such amazing photos to help me remember
what an awesome family i have myself!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Foto Faces Friday

We had BooderBeans 3rd birthday party last weekend...
Military Man and i were running around the house like crazy people tending to everyones needs and being involved with little man that i completely forgot to get my camera out! But i did manage to snatch a few cute ones that i couldn't resist posting!

(he got alot of new fireman gear and he was so excited to try them on right away!)

(he was so excited to see his cake all finished and blow the candles out! him and i made the cupcakes that morning and then i made his cake!)
Enjoy the weekend everyone! We will be attending our 2nd annual Fall Break Krout campout! I'm excited yes to go camp and have some family time....but NOT excited about being 32 weeks pregnant and camping!

photos will follow next week :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

my little boy is now THREE

This little boy is about to celebrate his 3rd birthday party!!! His actual birthday was last firday, October 2nd, we celebrated taht day doing absolutly all the things he loves! Every year Military Man and i take the day off work and spend it with him, doing whatever he wants. Last year was the zoo and then out to lunch then on to a toy store...taht's waht he wanted. This year Military Man had the flu and was still forced to go into work for the day so sadly he didn't get to partake in the actual birthday fear though, the real party is Saturday!
This year i pumped BooderBean up by telling him it was special mommy and BooderBean day, waht did he want to do, we could do anything he wanted (we had planned to go to the Aquarium in Jenks before Military Man got sick). Here is his answer: "i want to watch carcoons in your big new comfy bed, i want to have my breakfast in bed with you, i want to go to the park, i want to play with my cousins, and i want to have a corndog and powpow (pineapple) pizza". So what did we do folks....all the above!

(notice the 3 year old candle stuck in the corndog! hahaha!)

It may not have been a glamours day in some eyes, but it was my little mans perfect day!!!

And Saturday will hopefully be the same way (weather you MUST cooperate with me!!!)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

it won't get me down!

Military Man has got the flu!!!!! oh dear me...BooderBean and i cannot get sick, especially not when tomorrow is his THIRD birthday!!!

Let me just paint you all a pretty picture of how our evening went last night...
6:00 p.m.--Booderbean and I arrive home and get all geared up and excited to make his fire engine red birthday cuppycakes for him to take to his school friends today (he doesn't' go to school on his birthdays so we take them a day early)
6:40 p.m.--cupcakes are baking nicely in the oven, BooderBean has some grapes and apple juice and is settling in on our bed to read some books
7:00 p.m.--Military Man arrives home, BURNING UP, shaking, aching, grippy, grouchy, not a happy camper by any means.
7:20 p.m.--We all load up and head in to Mercy After Hours (the closest urgent care facility to our house) to hopefully get him feeling better. Poor guy was so sick he even took my snuggly pink blanket b/c it is the most comfy! that's how sick he was!
8:30 p.m.--finally get back into a room to be seen and get swabbed for the flu. Military Mans fever is at 103!!!!!!!!!!! so high for an adult! no wonder he feels so bad!
8:33 p.m.--Military Man about comes off the table with tears in his eyes because the nurse lady swabbed dang near up to his sinus cavity!!!
9:15 p.m.--Military Man is being treated for the flu, has a stock pile of meds sent to the pharmacy, has 3 doctors notes (he has Drill this weekend so he needs to get out of it!!), and a very tired and physically exhausted momma and BooderBean in tow
9:25 p.m.--get to pharmacy only to find out it will take 45 minutes to an hour to fill!!!! are you kidding me??? we don't' live in this town, what the heck am i supposed to do with these two guys for the next freaking hour???
9:30 p.m.--we arrive at McDonald's for a late night snack (or a meal in my case! haha) and then drive around so BooderBean can finally fall asleep!
11:00 p.m.--arrive home finally and get the two boys to their beds.
11:20 p.m.--crap! now i get to be Martha Stewart and make some fancy cupcakes so my baby boy can take them to school! let me just say...they turned out way cute!!!
12:40 a.m.--i hit the sack!
5:30 a.m.--stupid alarm clock goes off...up and at em time :)

But good news is his fever was down to 100 this morning, hopefully a day of rest will help him feel better! And Lysol will become my new very best friend!