Wednesday, October 7, 2009

my little boy is now THREE

This little boy is about to celebrate his 3rd birthday party!!! His actual birthday was last firday, October 2nd, we celebrated taht day doing absolutly all the things he loves! Every year Military Man and i take the day off work and spend it with him, doing whatever he wants. Last year was the zoo and then out to lunch then on to a toy store...taht's waht he wanted. This year Military Man had the flu and was still forced to go into work for the day so sadly he didn't get to partake in the actual birthday fear though, the real party is Saturday!
This year i pumped BooderBean up by telling him it was special mommy and BooderBean day, waht did he want to do, we could do anything he wanted (we had planned to go to the Aquarium in Jenks before Military Man got sick). Here is his answer: "i want to watch carcoons in your big new comfy bed, i want to have my breakfast in bed with you, i want to go to the park, i want to play with my cousins, and i want to have a corndog and powpow (pineapple) pizza". So what did we do folks....all the above!

(notice the 3 year old candle stuck in the corndog! hahaha!)

It may not have been a glamours day in some eyes, but it was my little mans perfect day!!!

And Saturday will hopefully be the same way (weather you MUST cooperate with me!!!)


KendraJane said...

RSVP - we plan to come Saturday!

neta said...

That is so awesome. What a lucky little boy! He is so handsome!

Kase said...

Oh man I love corndogs!

Mom3boys said...

That was a super special Birthday!!! We had a great time helping you celebrate BooderBean's 3rd Birthday!!!