Friday, October 30, 2009

a 3 year olds smile

Booderbean is going to be a cowboy with a stick horse for Halloween this year. Since his school party isn't until later this afternoon the kiddos weren't wearing their costumes to school, they are changing later. Which was fine by me because he has so many Halloween clothes that i needed to sneak in one last outfit before the day was over. I wish the below photo showed all his Halloween attire...he has on: Halloween socks, underwear, pants (only because they are black but hey he thinks they are Halloween pants), and shirt.

I'm hoping the photos i take at his party and then from trick-or-treating are better smiles...he's been doing this whole cheesy, super smile lately??

He had to lay down and show off his new bench daddy got him for his birthday! He loves this thing, we were of course going to move it outside where it obviously belonged but he won't let us, it's "just my size" he tells us so it has to stay indoors :)

Happy Halloween to you all, more pics will follow this weekend!

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Mom3boys said...

Cute!! You gotta take a pic of him in the Halloween cute!=)