Friday, July 30, 2010

Fam Jam 2010

Last weekend we got to attend a family reunion for my dads side of the family-family came from way North Oklahoma and way South Texas and we met in the middle at Turner Falls.  It was so amazing to see my dad and his cousins (they are all so close yet don't get to see each other very often) and all the generations before and after.  The oldest was in her mid 80's and the youngest was only a few weeks old.  While i didn't even break my camera out of it's case the entire weekend, we still got some amazing family shots by others! This weekend was especially special for everyone as it was the the first time in a long time us Oklahoma family had gotten to see our dear cousin Peggy who is battling brain cancer and has been through and still going through so much.  It was so special to see all the older cousins hugging! 
FUN FUN weekend full of lake time, boat time, drinking time, game time, funny times, snuggling times, and everything else! 
I love my family so much and am so happy this is the start of our annual FAM JAM weekend!

My mom and sister...this was the first night where all us women folk had a pow wow around a few bottles of wine and margaritas!

My brother and Coleman in early morning PJ time

The youngest member--sweet baby Asher with his grandpa and cousin

My daddy and his cousin Peggy

My sister, brother, and immediate cousins--we do this pose at every gathering! the boys hate it :)

My dad, his sister, and their immediate cousins!

My dad and mom and all of us

all the youngins...can you believe not ONE girl in this whole bunch!!!

The whole Fam Damnly!! (as Nana always says!)

Monday, July 19, 2010

weekend in slow motion

This past weekend was one of the best weekends ever spent at home! We had a full weekend of NOTHING to do! This is a first for the Krout family lately, it seems like all we do is go go go! We spent the whole weekend, playing, cleaning house (which BooderBean and i love to do so it was fun), reading books, playing the Wii, baking, cooking, and just hanging out!  I laugh because the highlight of our weekend was when the boys and I took a little trip to Wal-Mart and spent 2 hours there!  I really dont' mind grocery shopping with the kids as long as I have plenty of time and it's not crowded, oh yeah...and if everyone is in fun moods!  The reason we spent so long at the dreaded Wal-Mart was because BooderBean received a $5 bill in the mail this weekend and it just had to be spent!  We went up and down every toy isle and played with just about every single was the not most creative or "fun" thing in my mind that him and i did, but to him it was pure Heaven! He has told me and others a million times "we got to go to TOY ISLE and i got to get a toy and pay for it ALL BY MYSELF!".  Pure, simple, fun!

Because we had all weekend with nothing particular to do...we snapped some fun random pictures.  Enjoy the randomness that was our weekend!

Boys both playing so good on a play mat, each doing their own thing but totally entertained!  Yes, BooderBean is in his undies and it was just about lunch time, it was Saturday and he refused to put on clothes :)

BooderBean being very meticulous about how he was building his army men and their camp

I was trying to be like GreyGillfish and capture a cute shot...i think she is WAY better, but I had to try.  

BooderBean and MilitaryMan built a boat for boat races at school

now that he is sitting so well he loves to sit in his bed, surrounded by his toys...BrotherBean loves to put all the animals in his crib and then play "where's the baby"

Caught him playing so he flashed me a big grin!

tried the sippy cup for the first time this weekend, he of course used it more as something to chew on than drink out of.

Monday, July 12, 2010

my first BEAN

Age three is most definitely the most challenging age I think.  If I am wrong, and if it only gets worse, then let me be in the dark on this one for awhile. 

Military Man and I both think that BooderBean is destined to be a politician, the boy can argue and wheel and deal you out or into anything! And oh the questions he has literally amazes me the things he comes up with to ask! We've had to deal with some pretty different things in his 3 years that most 3 year olds don't, so he has alot of experiences to ask questions about.  When BrotherBean was in the PICU at the hospital at 10 weeks old and was very very sick for a long time BooderBean never questioned any of it. Since then we have had 3 long hospital stays and things have been pretty scary a few times, but to BooderBean hospital life was just part of our life and just something that we did. So now when he asks random questions about it it catches other people off guard to hear such horrific questions come out of a child's mouth, but to us it's ok, it's just something he experienced that he now will have questions for for a long time.  And it is pretty cute to hear him ask the questions in the most matter-of-fact way. 

Another thing he has seemed to master lately is WAF (wild ass fits--as a dear friend has dubbed them when her daughter does the same).  And the acronym is so fitting because it literally is out of the blue, wild, crazy, and uncontrollable for a tiny bit.  They are happening quite frequently at our house but we have found a way to manage them and end them much quicker.  We have found that ignorance works wonders!  Until he starts to follow you around the house to get your attention still throwing a WAF! I'm sure in the moment I'm about to loose it, but afterwards it's just hilarious to me! It really is quite an entertaining scene! and KNOCK ON WOOD, they have only happened at home, never in public!

This cutie patootie little boy will be FOUR years old in just 3 and a half short months!  I have no idea where the time has gone!
(taken this morning on the way to school)

(taken on the Friday before 4th of July for before we headed out for school)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Family Fun

Lots has been going on over the last 6 months in the Krouts Sprouts house hold! The latest was a week long hospital stay for Military Man for a massive Staph infection in his back where he only a week prior had back surgery!  Life is crazy at the moment and will remain that way for the next 5 weeks it looks like!
But we were able to have a wonderful 3 day Independence Day weekend in Ponca City with family!  My mom's brother (whom we haven't seen since our wedding nearly 6 years ago was able to make it!).  Here are a few shots from the weekend. I, once again, was too wrapped up in the fun to take many photos!
Also i have decided to go back to the real reason i started this document my life. i will no longer be posting about ONLY the cute things my boys do, but about the random happenings in life!
AND i make a vow right now to slow myself down and blog at least 2 times a week! too many things happen in our lives that i don't want to forget about!!!

Mimi and Grandbabies making fruit Kabobs on the 4th!

My crazy brother and cousin..enjoying some pool time and beers
My amazing dad and his amazing sister (my aunt)
My awesome sister and her sweet middle son
BooderBean coloring a 4th of July guy
NeNe and BrotherBean--she tried to do a cute pose but he wasn't having it