Friday, July 9, 2010

Family Fun

Lots has been going on over the last 6 months in the Krouts Sprouts house hold! The latest was a week long hospital stay for Military Man for a massive Staph infection in his back where he only a week prior had back surgery!  Life is crazy at the moment and will remain that way for the next 5 weeks it looks like!
But we were able to have a wonderful 3 day Independence Day weekend in Ponca City with family!  My mom's brother (whom we haven't seen since our wedding nearly 6 years ago was able to make it!).  Here are a few shots from the weekend. I, once again, was too wrapped up in the fun to take many photos!
Also i have decided to go back to the real reason i started this document my life. i will no longer be posting about ONLY the cute things my boys do, but about the random happenings in life!
AND i make a vow right now to slow myself down and blog at least 2 times a week! too many things happen in our lives that i don't want to forget about!!!

Mimi and Grandbabies making fruit Kabobs on the 4th!

My crazy brother and cousin..enjoying some pool time and beers
My amazing dad and his amazing sister (my aunt)
My awesome sister and her sweet middle son
BooderBean coloring a 4th of July guy
NeNe and BrotherBean--she tried to do a cute pose but he wasn't having it

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