Monday, June 30, 2008

fun at home

Booderbean and i had fun just hangin' out this weekend. It's amazing how a simple treat of a juice box, or "juuze juuze" as he would say, can make a toddlers day! I know it's nothign big but he just gets so excited! I snapped this photo as he was enjoying his treat

For Christmas last year santa brought booderbean a riding cow and riding horse, so of course he had to have a red cowboy hat right! He was having so much fun riding all over the house that I had to snap a photo. It's not the best photo but it shows off that funny little smile!

Friday, June 27, 2008

home alone(ish)

So military man left today for roughly 3 weeks of training. although i am sad my other half is gone right now, i am looking foward to some super fun bonding time with booderbean. i know i should be used to his train ups and the fact that he is away alot, but dang, i'm just not.
I'm thinking of all sorts of projects i want to do around the house, rooms i want to clean and organize, scrapbooks i want to work on (ok start!), things to do to keep me busy so the time passes quickly.
I cannot belive he will be gone over the 4th of July...i mean come on, isn't that an American tradition that those who serve in the military should be able to celebrate and remember? Oh well i don't suppose they checked with me before they planned the train ups huh. At least fireworks will be on the minimal for us this year because i jsut can't see myself going out and getting all the big explosivies taht most men and daddies would do with their sons. Nope, it's snakes, poppers and sparklers (maybe) for me and booder bean this year. Next year military man can go all out.
I plan to take plenty of pictures of all the funny things booder bean does over the next few weeks so that when military man comes home he won't have missed a thing.

well here's to a fabulous weekend! at this point, i'm pretty sure wine will be involved :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

water play day

ok ok ok...i does one say they are starting a blog, and then, well, NOT blog??

i think the proplem was i was trying to decide where to go from here, where do you start and what do you discuss next, what do my dedicated readers want to know...haha who am i kidding, "my dedicated readers" ???
well anyway, for those of you out there, here is a short story of my fabulously funny son:
Booderbean loves water, he loves to take baths, he loves to water the plants, he loves to play in the hose while daddy washes cars and yard equiptment, he loves to help daddy water the dog and chickens, he loves to help mommy wash dishes (ok splash in the sink and get water all over the floor), and he absolutly loves "water play day" at school. Every thursday the toddlers get to bring their suits and towels and head out to the play yard for some water fun. I've heard from his teachers that he, and of course all the other kids in his class, get so excited when they know it's time for water play. They start to line up at the door before they even have suits and sunscreen on. Then i've also heard the sad part of the day is when water play time is over and it's time to head in for lunch...oh i can just imagine the tears and screams when the water shuts off! I know how hard it is to drag booderbean inside after playing at home, i couldn't imagine it with a class full!
This photo was sent to me today by my wonderful SIL and BIL (who own the day care center!) who snapped a shot towards the end of water play day.
This photo is classic to me, you can tell he is holding on to the pole for dear life that hopefully someone will let him stay outside!

Man how I wish I could go spend the day in the water with my little man!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

first off

humm where to begin my first blog ever??
to be quite honest doing a blog is something i have thought about for a long time now. i thought about it then would think "no way am i publishing my personal thougths out there", then i realized that i either call my friends and family up and ramble on, or i send out tons of picture updates, or i send out long bornign to save everyone from that i will do a blog instead. then if you decide you don't want to hear anymore from me you can just close the blog :)
what really threw me into finally doing this is my obsession with a few friends' blogs. i check them out daily ok, lets be honest, a few times a day! and after months of reading them and thinking i needed one of my own..i'm doing it!

So...a little about me...i'm a mom to one of the silliest toddlers i know, little coleman dale is 20 months old and we have called him "booder bean" from the day we brought him home from the hospital. he lights up my life and i find myself sitting at work not even thinking about work because my mind is on all the fun we will have when i get home from work. it's funny how your heart can grow 10 times bigger just from giving birth! and now i'm that emotional mom who tears up just typing theese thigns out. trust me, you'll find out more throught the blogs.
I am also so lucky to be the wife of my hero and bestest friend. he is a funny, brave, strong, and supportive husband. we'll call him "military man" for now. he's active duty army for the national guard so he works full time for the military. he's done 2 tours and travels quite a bit, and i'm so proud of him. if you know me you know i'm a proud american woman. my eyes and heart swell up at the sound of our national anthem, seeing old retired vets makes me swell with pride for them, seeing familes waving flags makes me smile, i know it sounds cheesy but come on, we all have things we are passionate about right!
right now i work in marketing and program planning for a university but i think i'm still figuring out my real dream. i'm sure there will be plenty of blogging on that as well. i love to read but don't get the chance much, i love to travel, especially day trips or weekend trips w/ the family. i love a good glass of wine, ok i love any glass of wine! a glass a night is healthy right!! i love being organized and having things planned out, i can be spontaneous, really i can..but it drives me nuts not to know what is happening so i can plan for it! i love DVR and i think it is the greatest invention. i love that my husband is a fabulous cook and i am not. i love that our son has no clue and will eat no matter who cooked it.
i think i could go on and on but for now this will suffice for my first "blog".
i'll have to save the rest for another time!