Thursday, June 26, 2008

water play day

ok ok ok...i does one say they are starting a blog, and then, well, NOT blog??

i think the proplem was i was trying to decide where to go from here, where do you start and what do you discuss next, what do my dedicated readers want to know...haha who am i kidding, "my dedicated readers" ???
well anyway, for those of you out there, here is a short story of my fabulously funny son:
Booderbean loves water, he loves to take baths, he loves to water the plants, he loves to play in the hose while daddy washes cars and yard equiptment, he loves to help daddy water the dog and chickens, he loves to help mommy wash dishes (ok splash in the sink and get water all over the floor), and he absolutly loves "water play day" at school. Every thursday the toddlers get to bring their suits and towels and head out to the play yard for some water fun. I've heard from his teachers that he, and of course all the other kids in his class, get so excited when they know it's time for water play. They start to line up at the door before they even have suits and sunscreen on. Then i've also heard the sad part of the day is when water play time is over and it's time to head in for lunch...oh i can just imagine the tears and screams when the water shuts off! I know how hard it is to drag booderbean inside after playing at home, i couldn't imagine it with a class full!
This photo was sent to me today by my wonderful SIL and BIL (who own the day care center!) who snapped a shot towards the end of water play day.
This photo is classic to me, you can tell he is holding on to the pole for dear life that hopefully someone will let him stay outside!

Man how I wish I could go spend the day in the water with my little man!


Benjamin Rubenstein said...

I like how he's got baggy swimtrunks, like how basketball players sag their shorts below their knee. Funny picture.

KendraJane said...

Just precious!

becky said...

Good second post! Love the picture. Keep them coming! I have some water babies too.

Anonymous said... have chickens?