Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Funnies

Continuing on with the funny things my 3 year old BooderBean says...
Yesterday he and i spent the cooooold, icy day inside and decided to clean house! Thankfully he has always liked to clean house with me. As we were vacuuming the entire house and getting ready to mop, I hear him exclaim LOUDLY from the entry way in the living room "Momma, hurry, quick!!! you are going to be really mad at what got in your house!!!". Assuming it was some kind of nasty bug i was going to have to deal with i headed that way....only to see him pointing at a pile of dirt and much from daddy's army boots!! You should have seen the look on his face, shock! He knows his momma too well, he knows i can't stand a dirty house!
On another note...BrotherBean (which he has now been nicknamed!) has been smiling for the past 2 weeks and we were finally able to catch it on camera--the little stinker always turned it to a frown when i popped the camera out.

It's not the best photo ever, and I'm a little embarrassed that he's not in a super cute outfit for his first smile photo but hey--you catch them doing the cutest things when you are least prepared right :)

Enjoy the photo of the day!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Help Wanted

Seeking the help of my fellow (and much more knowledgeable) bloggers!
Obviously from my blog name I am Booderbeans mommy...well now we have our new addition and I am in desperate need of changing my blog name and blog page! I have an idea for the name...ok not really but military man and i have come up with a few ideas.
SO my help is needed in this:
  1. how do i change my blog name to a new one?
  2. how do i change the look of my blog (some of you out there are so dang creative)
  3. Any advice on a new name??? still tossing that around

My boys need to be properly represented by their momma :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Funnies

I've decided to start something new on Fridays...Friday Funnies! My mom asks just about every time i talk to her "what funny things has booderbean said lately?", so i decided instead of just letting her get the laughs I'd start posting them and letting you all join in on some weekly laughter.

here's a few from this week (that i can remember, i am sure there are more!)
  • Booderbean and i have been talking lately about how God watches over him all the time, and that God can see him all the time and can see everything he does, that God will always see him so that he can protect him and make sure he is being a good boy. So booderbean says this to me out of the blue yesterday..."mom, i need to make a fort so i can hide", ok why do you need to hide, i ask. "because i need to hide somewhere where God and Santa can't see me".

  • Booderbean has taken to pretending his Curious George is his new baby, he does everything i do to our real baby to his Curious George. Just yesterday he informed me he need to change George's diaper NOW because George was poopy and if we didn't change him now he would get a diaper rash! Then later in the day he told me he needed his own rocking chair so he could sit and nurse George too!! oh man...that boy sees and hears everything we do!

  • Booderbean busts into song all the time! Dinner time is his favorite time to sing. A few nights ago he starts singing like this "GET THOSE CHILDREN out of the bloody bloody, children of the Looooooooord"...he was confused and the words should have been MUDDY, not bloody, from that children's song about Noah and the Ark.

last one

  • at nap time the other day he informed me that he wasn't tired yet (even though he had been up since 6:40 that morning!!!). He said he wasn't tired because his hands were telling him that they needed to play with toys some more.

This little rascal cracks me up! In the below photo he was dressed up and protecting me from the bad guys....apparently the Rosary he is wearing as a necklace protects him!