Tuesday, September 30, 2008

my little punkin'

Last night we took booderbean to the Grider Farms Pumpkin Patch!
I'm honestly not sure who had more fun :)

Military man was mighty proud of his findings!
So was booderbean!

And he's off! he was so excited to run through the fields
and pick his own pumpkin!

Happy Harvest everyone!

Monday, September 29, 2008

a look in the past

I like to think that a person not only gets to have a fabulous birthday day all about them, but they should get a whole week of it! That's why i'm starting out this week by saying
HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK TO BOODERBEAN!! On Thursday at 3:16pm he will officially turn 2 years old, but we are celebrating starting this morning. Booderbean and military man got to sleep in and stay home today. Military man just happened to have the day off so booderbean got to play hookie and stay home with him. Goodness, it was hard leaving at 7am knowing that they were snuggling all warm and cozy in the big bed!

I have a few fun things planned for the week, pumpkin picking at a local patch, baking and icing cookies for school on Wednesday, but i'm trying to narrow down what we'll do on his actual birthday. Military man and i booth take off work for his birthday to make the day all about him and do something fun, last year it was the zoo and birthday portraits. But this year i don't know...any suggestions???

here is a little look back at how little booderbean began :) This photo was taken on the day that military man came home for his 2 week leave for the birth. One of my favorite photos we have.

Friday, September 19, 2008

sick sick sick

gross...i am sick! i have that stupid, annoying head cold thing that MUST be going around! And i say MUST because, i am pretty much a germ freak lately! washing the hands, keeping everything clean and sanitized and germ free! Well look where all that cleaning got me! SICK! ok, honestly it's not that bad, I still made it to work today, and I don't plan to let it slow me down this weekend. But seriously, a cold has to be the most annoying thing in the world!
And why oh why couldn't' this cold have coming next week, when i would have graciously used sick leave instead of weekend fun time to be sick!
I think this was planned!

Well, that's ok, i will make the best of this pesky cold! Military man has his 10 year high school reunion this weekend and tonight is "boys night out" for him. So i'm thinking booderbean will have an early bedtime tonight (thank goodness he can't tell time yet!) and momma is taking a nice hot bubble bath!

Happy weekend to everyone!

Monday, September 15, 2008

are YOU talkin' to ME?

Is that you talking booderbean?
Is that you talking in your first complete sentence to mommy?
You make me so proud mister!
This morning I had one of those "great momma moments".
The moments where you swell with pride and just want to shout
"YEAH, that's right, that's MY baby!"
Today started out just like every other Monday thru Friday, I wake up at 5:45, started the coffee (because the auto button is stuck and it's KILLING me!!), jumped in the shower, got myself completely ready, made and packed booderbeans breakfast and outfit for the day, got the car loaded, woke up military man, and then strolled in to see booderbean.
Who had been saying "mom ma, mom ma, me out" about 20 times.

I walked into his room and he's just sitting so cutely in his crib snugglin' with his blanket and smiling up at me. He started jabbering away as i got his curtains and blinds opened up, turned off the monitor and humidifier. I started talking to him about his day, how he was going to school and i was going to work. And as the funny man he is, he's started saying "no, me work, mom ma school" and then smiling. So i said, but honey, you get to go to school and see your school friends and play. And then it happened...booderbean said his first complete sentence!
He said " No, I play at my house"!!!!!!!! awwww i could have melted!!!
He knew to put the word "at" in there! he's never done this before!!
ok ok ok..i may be going a bit overboard here but dang! i'm a proud momma today and i'm going to let the world know it!

congratulations booderbean, you once again, make your mommy proud!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

my big man

I'M BAAAAAAACK!!!! i took a little hiatus and decided not to write for a while. we have had a month of really sad, awful things happening in our families so i couldn't' find much happiness to write about. But like all this--this too shall pass--and it did.
Something exciting has happened lately...my little baby booderbean has grown up and turned into a little boy! He'll be turning 2 in less than a month and it breaks my heart that he's growing up so fast, yet it fills my heart to know that he is growing into such a fun and happy little boy. This past weekend we went up to Ponca City to visit his mimi and papa, he spotted his 4 year old cousins bike in the garage and helmet and decided he needed to "ride, ride, me, ride" that thing! Military man strapped the "melmet" has booderbean calls it, onto his head and away they went!
He was a pro! he knew exactly what to do. As you can see from the pictures, he was so proud of himself!
I think i know what he'll be getting for his birthday now...

Military Man getting booderbean started on riding the bike!

Look he's all by himself
(well with the help of training wheels which momma says will NEVER come off :) )