Monday, September 29, 2008

a look in the past

I like to think that a person not only gets to have a fabulous birthday day all about them, but they should get a whole week of it! That's why i'm starting out this week by saying
HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK TO BOODERBEAN!! On Thursday at 3:16pm he will officially turn 2 years old, but we are celebrating starting this morning. Booderbean and military man got to sleep in and stay home today. Military man just happened to have the day off so booderbean got to play hookie and stay home with him. Goodness, it was hard leaving at 7am knowing that they were snuggling all warm and cozy in the big bed!

I have a few fun things planned for the week, pumpkin picking at a local patch, baking and icing cookies for school on Wednesday, but i'm trying to narrow down what we'll do on his actual birthday. Military man and i booth take off work for his birthday to make the day all about him and do something fun, last year it was the zoo and birthday portraits. But this year i don't know...any suggestions???

here is a little look back at how little booderbean began :) This photo was taken on the day that military man came home for his 2 week leave for the birth. One of my favorite photos we have.


neta said...

How exciting! Coleman is TWO years old! Take time to enjoy every second because time flies by so quickly.

Love you all!

greygillfish said...

First, what a SWEET PICTURE. Yes, I believe in birthday weeks too. Enjoy little booderbean. We will see you soon!