Friday, February 26, 2010

silly souls

I swear, be in our house for one minute and you will be cracking up! These two boys keep us constantly laughing! BooderBean has got some of the most hilarious facial expressions when he is telling me a story, i have to really pay attention to what he is saying because i just start cracking up watching his face! He has started saying "I'm serious, I really am!" with the most convincing look on his face to just about every story he tells you.

And BrotherBean "talks" so much lately, i love those little baby squeals and loud noises that seem to shock them more than anything! He loves to sit and coooo to you! I'll try to capture some video this weekend to post!

These photos are not good quality and were very obviously taken on my camera phone, but i wanted to show some funny snap shots we get at home when we aren't "camera ready"

Cannon loves his tummy time!

The boys, just hangin' out together

Cannon gets so happy when you smile at him!

Happy Friday everyone!
Enjoy some (not so glamorous) but funny pictures of our boys

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday

Oh i have totally stolen this idea from MWP ! i love this idea of posting a picture of yourself and your babies! As i look back on all the photos taken of BooderBean over the past 3 years and the photos taken of BrotherBean over the past 10 weeks I realize i am usually the one taking the photos and not typically IN them. So i am following suite and starting Mommy and Me Monday! This way will be certain to take a weekly photo of me and my boys!

This isn't the best photo but it's the most current one I have of my boys and I. I'm pretty sure i look a little sleep deprived and ready for nap time! I do love however, how it shows how much BooderBean loves his BrotherBean!!
BooderBean age 3-BrotherBean age 8 weeks

Happy Monday all!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MY valentines

I know this is belated, but between dealing with a 3 year old with croup, a 9 week old with breathing treatments, my return from maternity leave and back to the working world full time, trying to figure out this whole pumping/breastfeeding thing while working, and 2 very tired parents...things are going to be a bit belated :)
Silly BooderBean

Sweet BrotherBean

Snugly Boys

These two yummy boys are my favorite Valentines ever! We had fun doing a mini photo shoot one afternoon while Military Man was at work.

Oh and i STILL have intentions of revamping my blog to reflect our growing family...i just need to find the time to do so :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nemo...and friends

We were blessed with a fabulous 55 gallon fish tank as a Christmas gift from Military Mans folks!!! We have wanted to do a big salt water tank for a long time, but have you even begun to price those things??? outrageous! so we were blessed to receive the tank and starter supplies for Christmas and Military Man and BooderBean have been hard at work ever since! And finally their weeks and weeks of preparation have paid off! This past weekend we were able to finally have fish join us--we are now the proud owners of Nemo, Jaque, and Tomtin (BooderBean named this one himself!)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grandma Jessie

You have those special, important people in your life that you are just magically connected to. People who care for you, love you, love your children as if they were their own grandchildren, think about you and pray for you, and whom are as close to you as your own blood family without being related. Well Grandma Jessie is one of those people in our lives.

Grandma Jessie is our very good family friend, Bub, mother. Bub has been in Military Man's life for as long as he can remember (seriously since he was 3 years old!) and has been in my life from the minute I started dating Military Man. He's one of those people that you realize you are just so damned lucky to know, someone who will be there for you in a heartbeat forever. His mom is just about the same way. Though I haven't had the privilege of knowing Grandma Jessie my whole life, she has known Military Man his whole life and considers him her own--thus she considers my children her own grandchildren as well.

This past weekend we went with Bub to go visit her since she has only seen BrotherBean through pictures. She was surprised and so elated to see us and to meet our little baby. She sure looked like one proud Grandma.

Now don't let this sweet little lady fool you...she's as spunky and quick witted as ever! She says what she wants when she wants and will tell it like it is. Just one funny story on her--I'll never forget when i was visiting her just after MilitaryMan had gone back overseas and BooderBean was about 2 months old. BooderBean got to getting really hungry and was fussing pretty badly-i was still trying to get adjusted to the whole breastfeeding thing and was trying to figure out the polite way of nursing him in front of people. Well leave it to Grandma Jessie to make me realize what i needed to do and to forget about everyone else in the room and just take care of my baby. This sweet little lady chimed in through the screaming baby and said "Well honey don't worry about us just pop that boobie out and feed the boy!" hahahah I'll never forget it!