Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MY valentines

I know this is belated, but between dealing with a 3 year old with croup, a 9 week old with breathing treatments, my return from maternity leave and back to the working world full time, trying to figure out this whole pumping/breastfeeding thing while working, and 2 very tired parents...things are going to be a bit belated :)
Silly BooderBean

Sweet BrotherBean

Snugly Boys

These two yummy boys are my favorite Valentines ever! We had fun doing a mini photo shoot one afternoon while Military Man was at work.

Oh and i STILL have intentions of revamping my blog to reflect our growing family...i just need to find the time to do so :)


greygillfish said...

AAAWWWW, LOVE LOVE LOVE their shirts. Are you sure that is Brotherbean? I think you must have kidnapped a 6 month old? HA!

Ready to see the new blog. :)

Anonymous said...

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Nikki said...

The pumping will work, just keep at it. It gets frustrating sometimes but the benefits of breastmilk are enough to keep ya going! I had so hoped you could stay at home with your babies. They are totally handsome, you are so blessed!