Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grandma Jessie

You have those special, important people in your life that you are just magically connected to. People who care for you, love you, love your children as if they were their own grandchildren, think about you and pray for you, and whom are as close to you as your own blood family without being related. Well Grandma Jessie is one of those people in our lives.

Grandma Jessie is our very good family friend, Bub, mother. Bub has been in Military Man's life for as long as he can remember (seriously since he was 3 years old!) and has been in my life from the minute I started dating Military Man. He's one of those people that you realize you are just so damned lucky to know, someone who will be there for you in a heartbeat forever. His mom is just about the same way. Though I haven't had the privilege of knowing Grandma Jessie my whole life, she has known Military Man his whole life and considers him her own--thus she considers my children her own grandchildren as well.

This past weekend we went with Bub to go visit her since she has only seen BrotherBean through pictures. She was surprised and so elated to see us and to meet our little baby. She sure looked like one proud Grandma.

Now don't let this sweet little lady fool you...she's as spunky and quick witted as ever! She says what she wants when she wants and will tell it like it is. Just one funny story on her--I'll never forget when i was visiting her just after MilitaryMan had gone back overseas and BooderBean was about 2 months old. BooderBean got to getting really hungry and was fussing pretty badly-i was still trying to get adjusted to the whole breastfeeding thing and was trying to figure out the polite way of nursing him in front of people. Well leave it to Grandma Jessie to make me realize what i needed to do and to forget about everyone else in the room and just take care of my baby. This sweet little lady chimed in through the screaming baby and said "Well honey don't worry about us just pop that boobie out and feed the boy!" hahahah I'll never forget it!


Biteofpunkinpie said...

that is such a precious story!!!! husband has some family members who have always frowned on me breastfeeding, but i'll never forget being out to lunch w/his grandparents one day and #2 was just about 2 months old and fussing and hungry... his grandpa was really the same way... "you feed that baby, it isn't anything any of us haven't seen before"... it was such a relief to not feel like i had to run out in the cold (it was february) and sit in the car to nurse!
sweet pictures! brotherbean is getting big! he must be getting plenty of good momma milk!

KendraJane said...

I love it!! As you know my hearts melts with the elderly and I'm so happy to see this wonderful woman in your life!!

greygillfish said...

Cute story.

Booderbean's spikey hair looks too cute!

greygillfish said...

I haven't forgotten about you. I am going to make a big effort to call you tomorrow. Sorry it has taken me a few days to get back to you. GTO got the stomach bug and GiGi's party was over the weekend. I am feeling more caught up with life now. Talk to you SOON!