Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus

Here i sit...waiting patiently to attend midnight Mass with my family! i am so so excited to go this year! We haven't gotten to go for the past 3 years for multiple reasons, so this year when i found out we would be back in our home town--this was my number 1 request! The first year military man and i attended midnight mass together was the year we got engaged (on Christmas eve right before Mass) and now we are going to go and be able to take booderbean!
I'm sure booderbean will sleep through it (as he should, it's midnight right!) but still...he will be with us!
I wish everyone has a very merry Christmas tomorrow! And i wish that we all remember the reason we are celebrating this season!

on a funny note...booderbean and i made a birthday cake for baby Jesus today and i didn't realize that by talking about making Him a cake it would spark funny questions. "I want to watch baby Jesus blow out candles", "i want baby Jesus to come to the party", "I want to see baby Jesus", and finally "momma sing birthday song to baby Jesus".
What a sweet and innocent boy i have!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

i spoke too soon!

NEVER MIND!!!!!!!!! forget the post below...last night was NIGHT FROM HELL at the Krout house!!!!
Booderbean ate maybe 3 bites of stew, did not want a bath, then did not want to get out and would only let me touch him, then only wanted daddy to brush his teeth with him, then freaked out because i closed the door to his bedroom and didn't let him do it, then i only read 2 books and he insisted on 3, then outa nowhere he pops up from cozy rocking and runs in to the living room and demands to stay "in dare wif daddy"!!!! so i throw my hands up, military man--it's your turn! finally they both fall asleep in our bed (FABULOUS we're freaking back in "mommy daddy bed")
So i wake military man up and he takes booderbean to his own bed. Then poor poor military man gets called out at 10pm for an "emergency" at work and has to drive his tired self 30 miles away and then back! Needless to say, he was exhausted when he got home! Then 1:45am rolls around, and booderbean is up and yes...of course...he's back in our bed!!! CRAP! Where did our nice nights of sleep go???
Of course the kicking, flopping around, crazy sleepy talk, and flat out AWFUL night is back!!! Military man goes to the couch and booderbean and i sleep soundly till the morning!

UGH!!!!!!!! I'm tired, I'm frustrated, i can't get enough coffee, and I'm just plain DONE :) anyone want to trade kiddos for a few nights??

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

sleepy time

HOT DOG!!! This cute little boy below has slept in his OWN bed ALL night long for the past 3 nights!!!! I wake up every morning at 5:30 and am so elated that he's still in his own bed sound asleep--and not in ours with his feet in my back!

Bed time has now become my favorite part of the evening, it's mommy and booderbean time! Military man does the bath and then brings the cute little boy to me all wrapped in his monkey towel, we talk softly and get dressed for bed. We read 2 books, always Goodnight Moon as the finisher. Then I sing our good night song and place him in his bed! He puts himself to sleep and then STAYS put all night long!

ok ok ok....we're still in a baby bed!!!!! i know i know this doesn't seem like a big deal now huh! but let me tell you--IT IS :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

wooooah momma!

Ok first off i cannot believe i am about to post this photo of MYSELF!!! and i know that when those few of you that actually read my blog see the will be thinking the same thing "what in the world did she post this for?". But i have reasoning behind it...

When we left my office Christmas party last Friday night THIS is what i left looking like...

GROSS huh!!! my lips had randomly swollen to at least 5 times their normal size!!

And the really crappy part is, we have no idea why!

Talk about frustrating!!!

For those of you readers that worked with me at GELB, you may remember a few times when this happened. It sure looks like an allergic reaction to some food i ate huh? well nope! we have no clue what triggers the swollen fat face! it just appears out of nowhere! I have seen the best allergist in the state, i have had all sorts of needles poked in me, i have had all kinds of tests ran but nothing shows to be highly elevated! Military man is convinced it is something in the air.

All that i can really do is get a steroid shot and pray!

Or take a crap load of benadryl and sleep for 20 hours!

well now that we've all had a good laugh...enjoy the rest of your day!

oh and pray for me that this never happens again at an embarrassing an office Christmas party, or the time before this when i had a HUGE presentation to give in front of the college (yeah that was NO fun!!)

Friday, December 12, 2008

fun family time

I can't believe i forgot to blog about this....we had Military Man's National Guard Christmas party last weekend and booderbean got to see Santa!!! He's been so excited to see Santa, and he talks about Santa all the time, but when we got in line...he just wanted his daddy :)

Military man and one of his best buddies whom was deployed with him, and their boys!
tried this picture more than once and could never get them all 4 to look at me! not gonna get too close to Santa!

Showing mommy what he got form Santa

The next day my sister and i and military man took all our boys (well boy #4 is still in sisters tummy) to Bass Pro Shops to have pictures taken with Santa and play on all the fun outdoor toys!

Her are some fun pictures:

CLASSIC!! i love that nephew Jacob is crying, it's perfect!!

uncle military man teaching Carter to shoot!

military man and booderbean shooting

me and my funny funny nephew Jacob!!!
I love my nephews!! and nephew #3 will be here in jsut a few weeks!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

christmas questions...

Because GreyGill did am I! i LOVE these things!!

Wrapping paper or gift bags? oh wrapping paper for sure! i love to wrap and have even thought of doing it on the side for extra holiday cash! i have a country cowboy theme to the gift wrapping this year and i'm loving, red, khaki, and red toole!!
Real tree or Artificial? artificial, if we had a real one my mom could never come visit! allergic!
When do you put up the tree?
depends on our Thanksgiving plans...usually we are out of town most of the Thanksgiving holiday so as soon as we get home we get it up...this year however it just got completed this week!!!! i hate that!
Hardest person to buy for? In-Laws..hands down!
Easiest person to buy for? my sister...she's so much like me i know she'll love anything i love!
Mail or email Christmas cards?
mail mail mail!!! it's the highlight of my day to come home and see the pretty cards waiting for me to open! so send them my way!
Worst gift you ever received? i really don't know....oh wait, not "worst" just "most embarrassing" was when Nana (if you know her, you know she would give something like this) gave me some peach colored lingerie!! yeah, i was 20, in college, opening that in front of everyone! haha!
Favorite Christmas Movie? i'm really into the Charlie Brown one and all those old cartoon ones, ya know the snowman one and all those.
Lights on the tree? of course, white only please
Favorite Christmas song? Little Drummer Boy
Travel at Christmas or stay home?
not sure...we are still in discussion about this one. we'll probably travel still since little man is still young. but when he's older we'll stop that and see family another day. or just move to them :)
Can you name all of Santa's 9 reindeer's? sure can...only because of the song though
Angel on the tree top or a star? neither, we have a big bow streaming down it
Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? Christmas morning, if we ever move back to a town that has midnight mass then we'll go to that and then open stockings when we get home.
Most annoying thing about this time of year? when people get frustrated at the traffic or amounts of people, and you can see them yelling in their cars..i just want to say "you are out here too buddy!!!"
Favorite ornament theme or color? i don't think i have a favorite, i try to do a different theme every year.
What do you want for Christmas this year?
to figure a few things out about our future and location and such. oh yeah--and twins sometime in my future would be fabulous!!! i think the original poster and i are thinking alike on the baby thing!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Dear Santa,

Will you please stop off at my house this year!
I've been a very good boy!

Booderbean is so funny lately...he loves to talk about Santa Clause and points him out every time he sees him (even on the Coke can of daddy's!), he loves to look at Christmas lights and i can't wait to take him to the light parks in Yukon!

NOT that we are planning or even remotely hinting at anything--but when we ask him if he wants a brother or sister for Christmas he looks at us like that is the craziest thing we could say and says in a funny voice "noooooooooooo".

But after much coaching from military man,
booderbean will tell you he needs a puppy for Christmas!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

such a fun time of year...

Before it gets too cold i wanted to take some cute photos of booderbean playing in the leaves...the little STINKER wouldn't hold still long enough to get a good front shot!
But i still think he's the cutest little man.

Monday, December 1, 2008

belated--thanksgiving photos

oooooooooooh i just love love love the holidays!!! maybe i loved loved loved being off work and being surrounded by wonderful family and friends for the past 5 days!!! This year we spent Wednesday-Friday with the Krouts, and then did Friday-Sunday with the Bridges. We had such a great time and such a great Thanksgiving day. We had lots of food, lots of family, lots of black Friday shopping, and lots of funny booderbean moments! Here are just a few photos from the weekend, the rest will be uploaded to our shutterfly page, so go there and check them all out.
Hope you and yours had a blessed Thanksgiving!

Now my mission is to get military man up in the attic to get my Christmas decor down :)
booderbean loved washing dishes at Aunt Tonya's house!
he loved to help her cook as well!
military man was tired after an early morning of hunting!
we must have been praying for an OSU win! We didn't pray hard enough though.
me and my hubby on Thanksgiving! we never got that family photo though!!!

booder bean wanted to be a photographer!