Thursday, December 18, 2008

i spoke too soon!

NEVER MIND!!!!!!!!! forget the post below...last night was NIGHT FROM HELL at the Krout house!!!!
Booderbean ate maybe 3 bites of stew, did not want a bath, then did not want to get out and would only let me touch him, then only wanted daddy to brush his teeth with him, then freaked out because i closed the door to his bedroom and didn't let him do it, then i only read 2 books and he insisted on 3, then outa nowhere he pops up from cozy rocking and runs in to the living room and demands to stay "in dare wif daddy"!!!! so i throw my hands up, military man--it's your turn! finally they both fall asleep in our bed (FABULOUS we're freaking back in "mommy daddy bed")
So i wake military man up and he takes booderbean to his own bed. Then poor poor military man gets called out at 10pm for an "emergency" at work and has to drive his tired self 30 miles away and then back! Needless to say, he was exhausted when he got home! Then 1:45am rolls around, and booderbean is up and yes...of course...he's back in our bed!!! CRAP! Where did our nice nights of sleep go???
Of course the kicking, flopping around, crazy sleepy talk, and flat out AWFUL night is back!!! Military man goes to the couch and booderbean and i sleep soundly till the morning!

UGH!!!!!!!! I'm tired, I'm frustrated, i can't get enough coffee, and I'm just plain DONE :) anyone want to trade kiddos for a few nights??


greygillfish said...

SURE - You can have my son who just threw up over and over and I will take Booder Bean. Fair trade?

KendraJane said...

Ahhh you poor thing! I have a feeling I'm leaving Miss Priss in her crib till she's four.... just to keep her in her own bed! :)