Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus

Here i sit...waiting patiently to attend midnight Mass with my family! i am so so excited to go this year! We haven't gotten to go for the past 3 years for multiple reasons, so this year when i found out we would be back in our home town--this was my number 1 request! The first year military man and i attended midnight mass together was the year we got engaged (on Christmas eve right before Mass) and now we are going to go and be able to take booderbean!
I'm sure booderbean will sleep through it (as he should, it's midnight right!) but still...he will be with us!
I wish everyone has a very merry Christmas tomorrow! And i wish that we all remember the reason we are celebrating this season!

on a funny note...booderbean and i made a birthday cake for baby Jesus today and i didn't realize that by talking about making Him a cake it would spark funny questions. "I want to watch baby Jesus blow out candles", "i want baby Jesus to come to the party", "I want to see baby Jesus", and finally "momma sing birthday song to baby Jesus".
What a sweet and innocent boy i have!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas darling! I LOVE the fact the we are getting ready to go to mid-night Mass together. I love you so much!
Thanks for letting me share in booderbean's excitement of life.

greygillfish said...

Merry Christmas Booder Bean Family! We hope you have a wonderful Christmas.