Tuesday, September 29, 2009

long time no post-y

WOW it's been awhile!!!
so many fun, hilarious, strange, stressful, crazy, loving, adorable moments have happened around the BooderBean house that i thought i would just do a "quick hits" post and catch us all up :)
  • at Circle Time in school the other day they were learning all about the different seasons. The teacher asked booderbean and his classmates if they knew what season it was, booderbean proudly raised his hand and started waving it around in excitement because he knew exactly what season it was...his answer "It's DEER season!!!"
  • last week military man and i both took off for 4 days to get some much needed updating, redecorating, organizing, etc. done to our house...why is it that we are STILL in progress! not one room is officially finished! they are all started, and very close to being finished..but as i work my "to do" list keeps getting added to!
  • during our week of redoing the house military man and i took many trips to OKC and Edmond for shopping and lunches and such for the house...i felt guilty about taking booderbean to school those days but we had so much we needed to get done and he was much happier seeing his friends than having to help us work around the house! STILL-the mommy guilt was heavy every evening when i picked my boy up!
  • let the record stand...I AM NOT ABOUT READY TO POP!!! this baby still has 10 weeks of growing to do in my belly before it comes out! and seriously, if i hear from ONE more person that "your about ready to pop" or "oh honey, you are not going to make it to December" or "oh my--your due WHEN???", i honestly just may kick someone in the face for it!!!
  • pregnant ladies are chocked FULL of hormones! in case you didn't' know this already! I can go from happy to incredibly upset in about .02 seconds! and i proved it all correct this past weekend when i honestly got teared up at our favorite Chinese restaurant over a fortune cookie fortune!!!
  • my good friend and AWESOME photographer GreyGill Fish took BooderBeans 3 year photos and some maternity photos of me this past Sunday...i have gotten to have a sneak peak and i am IN LOVE with them! She is talented!
  • during the photo shoot BooderBean kept kissing my belly and loving on my belly, it brings tears to my eyes every time. He loves his baby so much and he is going to be such a great big brother!
  • if your wondering why there are no photos lately....it's because i have lost my charger to my camera and apparently it's the hardest charger to replace in the world!!! 3 different stores don't carry it so i will be getting online later today and ordering it ASAP!

there's a little recap..I'm sure there's more that has taken place,
but that's all the remembering this preggo brain can do for now :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dancing Machine

Apparently BooderBean has inherited all of my fathers dance moves and enthusiasm! My dad is one whom at my own wedding we couldn't' keep him off the dance floor!
We went to his toddler rooms teachers wedding this past weekend and we could not keep BooderBean and his little girlfriend off the dance floor!! My little man and his favorite friend, Addyson, have been in school together since they were in the infant room together at 9 months old! Over the summer her daddy got transferred with work and they have moved away, BooderBean was/is devastated! So we were all so excited for the recent wedding and getting to see everyone together again.

I know that BooderBean loves to dance, we have dance parties at home all the time and just about every morning and evening on our drives home BooderBean and I jam out and start dancing! So i was not too shocked to see him hit the dance floor at the wedding...but I was shocked to see him actually have MOVES and RHYTHM and not want to leave the floor! It was hilarious, strangers were taking pictures of the two of them!

These photos of course didn't come out nearly has good as he looked in person, but you get the idea! And this was all after he had taken the tie off! poor guy was sweating he was dancing so hard, wish i had a good one of him in his first tie!!! precious!!!

I just love my little dancing machine!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

5 years and going strong

Since Military Man and i tied the knot 4 years ago we always (for some unknown reason) have looked at our 5 year anniversary as being a huge milestone, as being something we looked so forward to and couldn't wait to achieve. And tomorrow, September 4, 2009 at 7pm we will have achieved our goal! We will both be taking off work tomorrow for a long 4 day weekend filled with a concert, a wedding to attend, a family lunch and much needed family time, soaking up the days with our special BooderBean, and some much needed couples time!

We always thought we would spend our 5 year anniversary in Ireland...with baby K 2.0 on the way we decided to postpone this trip for at least a year...so Military Man said he has some plans up his sleeve instead! excited to see what the long weekend brings!

Military Man: we've been good friends since you were 16 and i was 15--it all started when you asked me on a date to go name your pig, it took you being deployed to the first war in Iraq for us to realize that what we had was love, not only friendship...look at us now, 5 years of wedded bliss and 1 wonderful son and 1 wonderful baby on the way! I couldn't have asked for a better life! Thank you for all you have given me and all you are to me.

You are my rock and my knight in shining armor.

This photo is a little dated...but it has always been one of my favorites.

I love you so much,
Forever and Always.