Monday, December 28, 2009

Our Arrival

LOOOOOOOOONG time no post i know!!!
I could blame it on the lack of energy and sleep, I could blame it on new mommy of 2 brain, I could blame it on a lot of things...but really what i want to blame it on is the fact that i have a new baby and I'd much rather spend time snuggling up with him than get on here and post :)

Baby boy Cannon Dale Krout was born on December 12th at 2:25 p.m.,
weighing in at 9lbs 15 oz and 21 1/2 inches long!
I'll post more soon about the days events and all that has happened in the past 16 days, but for now I'll leave you with some adorable photos taken by amazing photographer GreyGill Fish. These photos were taken when our little man was only 1 week old. His big 3 year old brother, BooderBean, is so much in love with him it is precious.

So for now, enjoy the photos and i promise to try and update soon! By the way...I'll be needing a new blog title if you can help me think of one! I'm not just BooderBeans momma anymore!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


...Tomorrow, Friday, is my last day in the office for 8 straight weeks of maternity leave and staying home with my babies!!!!!!! I could not be more ready and excited!!! Though i know that the 8 weeks are going to be rough i am so ready!

Our due date is Monday the 7th, Pearl Harbor Day. We are going with a natural birth so who knows when this little munchkin will arrive. Military Man is out of the state training with military until Saturday late late so baby can't arrive before then! keep your fingers crossed and prayers sent up!

Monday, November 30, 2009

now THAT'S a big turkey!

Thanksgiving this year was so great! I got to eat and eat and eat!!! haha, one of the many perks of being pregnant at the holidays! I am pretty sure I had about 4 plates of my aunts stuffing! and MAN what i wouldn't' give for some right now!
Too bad my camera broke after taking 2 photos and i can't get the stinkin' thing to do anything! It's in the shop now getting worked on, luckily mom loaned us hers so we would have a camera for whenever Baby K 2.0 arrives!
Here are only 2 photos i managed to snag from my uncle, i don't know that i even got one of little Booderbean!!! surely someone in the fam got some!! i'll have to start searching!
BUT--even though the 2nd photo is not so flattering of me AT ALL, i wanted you all to see what a big ol' turkey i was at Thanksgiving :)
This is a photo of my sister and my cousin and I! love these girls!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

H1N1 is ruining my life right now!!

Not that anyone in our household has this awful virus or anything...but it is ruining the plans we had made and had been sooooooooo looking forward to for the birth of our second baby!!! You see, because of the big scare and worry out there of this new flu epidemic, all hospitals in OKC have put themselves on strict visitation orders! Meaning that the hospital we are delivering at will not allow anyone under the age of 12 to enter the hospital unless they are a patient, and only 2 visitors are allowed bedside at a time! WHAT????? you mean to tell me my 3 year old will not be allowed to visit his new brother or sister until we get home! This is so upsetting to me, it breaks my heart for my family and most of all for him!
There go those ideas of first time all 4 of us photos in the hospital, there goes the awesome plan we had for BooderBean announcing to everyone in the waiting room what gender we had just had, there goes me feeling safe and secure knowing my family is all in one place and I KNOW what is going on! To those of you reading this thinking, it's no big deal the little guy can stay at home and people can take turns with him for the 2-3 days you are in the hospital, make note of this--we don't' live in the same town as our hospital! We live about 40 minutes from the hospital-i don't want my baby boy that far from me and i don't want to have to rely on a random family member at a random time to watch him and not be able to be at the hospital themselves! I'm a ball of stress, nerves, tears, name it!

To the poor receptionist at the hospital that had to hear the brunt of...I'm sorry! Truly i am sorry i went off like a mad woman to you--it is not your fault, but I'm still not happy!

On a side note, all those emotions above have subsided a bit. After the last 2 nights of crying about it realized there is nothing we can do and they are just looking out for everyone's health and well being! We will just take it and roll with it!

How about a venting session huh!!!

How about a fun picture to liven things up a's from last Thanksgiving Day--BooderBean was helping Aunt NaNa wash dishes--don't you adore that cheesy grin!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Foto Faces Friday

This cute little turkey make the cutest Thanksgiving hat at school this week!

He woke up first thing this morning and had to put it on! PJ's and all :)

Happy early Turkey Day!

Monday, November 16, 2009

boy or girl--THAT is the question

As most of you all know, Military Man and I do NOT find out the sex of our babies until they are born to us. While this frustrates some, it leaves us feeling so excited! Yes, it is very hard to decorate and plan a nursery for a baby when you have no idea what you are having! And trust me--it makes it very tempting and hard when you shop and see all those adorable dresses, hair bows, hats, sweaters, etc. and knowing you will not purchase one thing until you know for sure what you are having! For BooderBeans nursery I decorated in sage/cream toile! I loved it! my mom handmade the bedding and curtains and some awesome friends from work added in the perfect touches with a matching nursery blanket. It was perfect!

The problem this time is...I am sick and tired of seeing green, cream, yellow, white!!! ICK! the colors make my head spin!

I decided this time around....we are doing chocolate brown and PINK or BLUE!!
So for now the nursery is 1/2 decorated in chocolate brown and paint samples are waiting with our choice of PINK or BLUE and soon as we know what we are having we are making one call to my awesome brother who is going out to buy paint and get the room finished that day!
THEN let the decorating begin!!!!
For now though...we were given the suggestion to post pictures of the bedding we have picked out for our little one..which we will wait to order until we have our baby in our arms!

BUT you better believe we'll have the laptop in the hospital with us so i can get some ordering done--I've got everything saved to my favorites and with just a click of the mouse the nursery will be ready to go!

here is a sneak peak of what is to come...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Coleman the Halloween Cowboy

This boy loved his cap guns!!! Since of course we were listening to the OSU game as we were traveling to trick-or-treat, we taught him to do "Pistooooools Fireeeeeeing!!!"

I know, I know, I know....I am so late in posting these Halloween photos! The truth is...I've been hella busy with life and work that i haven't found a spare moment to post!
so here are a few of my favorites...

Somehow throughout the night he named his stick horse "moonkey"?? no idea why!

Trick-or-treating to Aunt Tonya

Grandma and Grandpa and the littlest Cowboy!

Trick-or-treating to Aunt Sandy (notice the blue teeth from all the sugar Papa gave him!)

Like mother---Like son!!
Hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

a 3 year olds smile

Booderbean is going to be a cowboy with a stick horse for Halloween this year. Since his school party isn't until later this afternoon the kiddos weren't wearing their costumes to school, they are changing later. Which was fine by me because he has so many Halloween clothes that i needed to sneak in one last outfit before the day was over. I wish the below photo showed all his Halloween attire...he has on: Halloween socks, underwear, pants (only because they are black but hey he thinks they are Halloween pants), and shirt.

I'm hoping the photos i take at his party and then from trick-or-treating are better smiles...he's been doing this whole cheesy, super smile lately??

He had to lay down and show off his new bench daddy got him for his birthday! He loves this thing, we were of course going to move it outside where it obviously belonged but he won't let us, it's "just my size" he tells us so it has to stay indoors :)

Happy Halloween to you all, more pics will follow this weekend!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Foto Faces Friday (a day early!)

Since tomorrow is already looking to be a busy day for me, i decided to go ahead and post my "Foto Faces Friday" post.

I must brag for a second (or more) on a truly wonderful family and amazing photographer, GreyGill Fish! She has already posted photos from this wonderful photo shoot she did for us but i had to add in my top 4 favorites! We had the chance to have photos taken by her recently for BooderBeans 3 year old photos and then we did a mini maternity shoot with her as well that night (big maternity shoot this weekend with her!!!), after the shoot we enjoyed an awesome dinner at their home and a relaxing time letting the kiddos play and letting the adults catch up (such a good time that BooderBean cried and begged us to let him stay!!)
We love them, they are a great family and some great friends.

Thanks for taking such amazing photos to help me remember
what an awesome family i have myself!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Foto Faces Friday

We had BooderBeans 3rd birthday party last weekend...
Military Man and i were running around the house like crazy people tending to everyones needs and being involved with little man that i completely forgot to get my camera out! But i did manage to snatch a few cute ones that i couldn't resist posting!

(he got alot of new fireman gear and he was so excited to try them on right away!)

(he was so excited to see his cake all finished and blow the candles out! him and i made the cupcakes that morning and then i made his cake!)
Enjoy the weekend everyone! We will be attending our 2nd annual Fall Break Krout campout! I'm excited yes to go camp and have some family time....but NOT excited about being 32 weeks pregnant and camping!

photos will follow next week :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

my little boy is now THREE

This little boy is about to celebrate his 3rd birthday party!!! His actual birthday was last firday, October 2nd, we celebrated taht day doing absolutly all the things he loves! Every year Military Man and i take the day off work and spend it with him, doing whatever he wants. Last year was the zoo and then out to lunch then on to a toy store...taht's waht he wanted. This year Military Man had the flu and was still forced to go into work for the day so sadly he didn't get to partake in the actual birthday fear though, the real party is Saturday!
This year i pumped BooderBean up by telling him it was special mommy and BooderBean day, waht did he want to do, we could do anything he wanted (we had planned to go to the Aquarium in Jenks before Military Man got sick). Here is his answer: "i want to watch carcoons in your big new comfy bed, i want to have my breakfast in bed with you, i want to go to the park, i want to play with my cousins, and i want to have a corndog and powpow (pineapple) pizza". So what did we do folks....all the above!

(notice the 3 year old candle stuck in the corndog! hahaha!)

It may not have been a glamours day in some eyes, but it was my little mans perfect day!!!

And Saturday will hopefully be the same way (weather you MUST cooperate with me!!!)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

it won't get me down!

Military Man has got the flu!!!!! oh dear me...BooderBean and i cannot get sick, especially not when tomorrow is his THIRD birthday!!!

Let me just paint you all a pretty picture of how our evening went last night...
6:00 p.m.--Booderbean and I arrive home and get all geared up and excited to make his fire engine red birthday cuppycakes for him to take to his school friends today (he doesn't' go to school on his birthdays so we take them a day early)
6:40 p.m.--cupcakes are baking nicely in the oven, BooderBean has some grapes and apple juice and is settling in on our bed to read some books
7:00 p.m.--Military Man arrives home, BURNING UP, shaking, aching, grippy, grouchy, not a happy camper by any means.
7:20 p.m.--We all load up and head in to Mercy After Hours (the closest urgent care facility to our house) to hopefully get him feeling better. Poor guy was so sick he even took my snuggly pink blanket b/c it is the most comfy! that's how sick he was!
8:30 p.m.--finally get back into a room to be seen and get swabbed for the flu. Military Mans fever is at 103!!!!!!!!!!! so high for an adult! no wonder he feels so bad!
8:33 p.m.--Military Man about comes off the table with tears in his eyes because the nurse lady swabbed dang near up to his sinus cavity!!!
9:15 p.m.--Military Man is being treated for the flu, has a stock pile of meds sent to the pharmacy, has 3 doctors notes (he has Drill this weekend so he needs to get out of it!!), and a very tired and physically exhausted momma and BooderBean in tow
9:25 p.m.--get to pharmacy only to find out it will take 45 minutes to an hour to fill!!!! are you kidding me??? we don't' live in this town, what the heck am i supposed to do with these two guys for the next freaking hour???
9:30 p.m.--we arrive at McDonald's for a late night snack (or a meal in my case! haha) and then drive around so BooderBean can finally fall asleep!
11:00 p.m.--arrive home finally and get the two boys to their beds.
11:20 p.m.--crap! now i get to be Martha Stewart and make some fancy cupcakes so my baby boy can take them to school! let me just say...they turned out way cute!!!
12:40 a.m.--i hit the sack!
5:30 a.m.--stupid alarm clock goes off...up and at em time :)

But good news is his fever was down to 100 this morning, hopefully a day of rest will help him feel better! And Lysol will become my new very best friend!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

long time no post-y

WOW it's been awhile!!!
so many fun, hilarious, strange, stressful, crazy, loving, adorable moments have happened around the BooderBean house that i thought i would just do a "quick hits" post and catch us all up :)
  • at Circle Time in school the other day they were learning all about the different seasons. The teacher asked booderbean and his classmates if they knew what season it was, booderbean proudly raised his hand and started waving it around in excitement because he knew exactly what season it was...his answer "It's DEER season!!!"
  • last week military man and i both took off for 4 days to get some much needed updating, redecorating, organizing, etc. done to our house...why is it that we are STILL in progress! not one room is officially finished! they are all started, and very close to being finished..but as i work my "to do" list keeps getting added to!
  • during our week of redoing the house military man and i took many trips to OKC and Edmond for shopping and lunches and such for the house...i felt guilty about taking booderbean to school those days but we had so much we needed to get done and he was much happier seeing his friends than having to help us work around the house! STILL-the mommy guilt was heavy every evening when i picked my boy up!
  • let the record stand...I AM NOT ABOUT READY TO POP!!! this baby still has 10 weeks of growing to do in my belly before it comes out! and seriously, if i hear from ONE more person that "your about ready to pop" or "oh honey, you are not going to make it to December" or "oh my--your due WHEN???", i honestly just may kick someone in the face for it!!!
  • pregnant ladies are chocked FULL of hormones! in case you didn't' know this already! I can go from happy to incredibly upset in about .02 seconds! and i proved it all correct this past weekend when i honestly got teared up at our favorite Chinese restaurant over a fortune cookie fortune!!!
  • my good friend and AWESOME photographer GreyGill Fish took BooderBeans 3 year photos and some maternity photos of me this past Sunday...i have gotten to have a sneak peak and i am IN LOVE with them! She is talented!
  • during the photo shoot BooderBean kept kissing my belly and loving on my belly, it brings tears to my eyes every time. He loves his baby so much and he is going to be such a great big brother!
  • if your wondering why there are no photos's because i have lost my charger to my camera and apparently it's the hardest charger to replace in the world!!! 3 different stores don't carry it so i will be getting online later today and ordering it ASAP!

there's a little recap..I'm sure there's more that has taken place,
but that's all the remembering this preggo brain can do for now :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dancing Machine

Apparently BooderBean has inherited all of my fathers dance moves and enthusiasm! My dad is one whom at my own wedding we couldn't' keep him off the dance floor!
We went to his toddler rooms teachers wedding this past weekend and we could not keep BooderBean and his little girlfriend off the dance floor!! My little man and his favorite friend, Addyson, have been in school together since they were in the infant room together at 9 months old! Over the summer her daddy got transferred with work and they have moved away, BooderBean was/is devastated! So we were all so excited for the recent wedding and getting to see everyone together again.

I know that BooderBean loves to dance, we have dance parties at home all the time and just about every morning and evening on our drives home BooderBean and I jam out and start dancing! So i was not too shocked to see him hit the dance floor at the wedding...but I was shocked to see him actually have MOVES and RHYTHM and not want to leave the floor! It was hilarious, strangers were taking pictures of the two of them!

These photos of course didn't come out nearly has good as he looked in person, but you get the idea! And this was all after he had taken the tie off! poor guy was sweating he was dancing so hard, wish i had a good one of him in his first tie!!! precious!!!

I just love my little dancing machine!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

5 years and going strong

Since Military Man and i tied the knot 4 years ago we always (for some unknown reason) have looked at our 5 year anniversary as being a huge milestone, as being something we looked so forward to and couldn't wait to achieve. And tomorrow, September 4, 2009 at 7pm we will have achieved our goal! We will both be taking off work tomorrow for a long 4 day weekend filled with a concert, a wedding to attend, a family lunch and much needed family time, soaking up the days with our special BooderBean, and some much needed couples time!

We always thought we would spend our 5 year anniversary in Ireland...with baby K 2.0 on the way we decided to postpone this trip for at least a Military Man said he has some plans up his sleeve instead! excited to see what the long weekend brings!

Military Man: we've been good friends since you were 16 and i was 15--it all started when you asked me on a date to go name your pig, it took you being deployed to the first war in Iraq for us to realize that what we had was love, not only friendship...look at us now, 5 years of wedded bliss and 1 wonderful son and 1 wonderful baby on the way! I couldn't have asked for a better life! Thank you for all you have given me and all you are to me.

You are my rock and my knight in shining armor.

This photo is a little dated...but it has always been one of my favorites.

I love you so much,
Forever and Always.

Monday, August 10, 2009

preggo pics at 22 weeks

I haven't posted a "preggo pic" in awhile so i thought i would...this is me and my Military man at 22 weeks pregnant with Baby K 2.0. My fabulous sister took these photos of us last weekend, we are now at 23 weeks. Scares me a bit to think we are 1/2 way there!

good picture of us...too bad Military Man didn't smile!!!!!!

we couldn't get Booderbean to stop playing for 5 seconds to take a pic,
but of course Military Man had to have his precious Maggie dog/horse in the photo!

most comfy dress ever made!!! Terry cloth is my friend!

Friday, August 7, 2009

he hung the moon...

...Is how Uncle Troy felt about his nephew Booderbean.
It has been one year ago today that we lost Uncle Troy, and there has not been a day since that we haven't thought about him, talked about him, and remembered him, and missed him with all our aching hearts.
I have been thinking all week about what I will put on my "Foto Faces Friday" post and how i wanted to make a post in my brother-in-laws memory, but i couldn't for the life of me figure out the angle i wanted to go with it. I started looking through old photos, and it hit me...i needed to post about the love that Uncle Troy had for his little nephew Booderbean!
While Military Man was deployed Uncle Troy and Aunt Tonya practically moved in to help me get ready for the baby! He was the best "mr. fixit" anyone ever met!
At Military Man's Welcome Home party
In Eureka Springs, these two had so much fun at the big park!
He sure did know how to make Booderbean smile

Uncle Troy & Aunt Tonya with little Tarzan

These photos say it all, he really did think that Booderbean hung the moon.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Foto Faces Friday

I've decided to join arms with a few fellow bloggers and post on Foto Faces Friday! i love this idea that a friend had because i simply take way too many photos (according to some!) and i can't possibly post all of them!

This was his first 4th of July, his first time to be around loud fireworks, his first really late night out, and his first time to make his hilarous-terrified face!

I love it! One day he'll be so mad at me, but i love it!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

a moo moo here, and a moo moo there

To any of my readers (HAH-the couple of you out there that is) that have ever been pregnant, you will hopefully be able to relate to this post.

Today is one of my, what i call, "moo moo days". You know the days ladies, when you feel like you are wearing a big ol' tent moo moo dress!! I'm wearing a shirt and pants that are that stretchy, material that just kind of flows and hangs. And for a preggo body, flowing and hanging are not attractive features to be flaunted around!

Now yesterday, i wore this great little outfit that i felt so great, so pretty, so good in! And i didn't get anything...but today, on the way from my car to the office (in the moo moo outfit mind you) i had 3 compliments!
I honestly gave them each the "are you kidding me!!!!" look!

On another baby note, Baby K 2.0 is really becoming quite active in my tummy! i love the feeling! i remembered it from Booderbean and couldn't' wait to feel it again. MWP, if you are reading this i know you are disgusted right now, i remember our talks when you told me you did NOT like that feeling at all!

Military Man is gone for his 2 weeks of yearly training, or "Army Camp" as Booderbean and I have been calling it. So he's not here to hear about all the movements, which is fine b/c you can't feel it from the outside yet. And i realized last night that when he does get home i will be HALF WAY through this pregnancy!!!!!! And that just about freaks me out!!!
I've got way too much to do still to be 1/2 way!

Anywho, happy moo moo day to you all! Booderbean and i will be taking the day off on Friday to head to the zoo--photos will be posted next week for sure!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

favorite 4th foto

I love Photoshop!

This is one of my favorite photos ever of Booderbean and his "Gampa".

They had the best little moment just sitting there as the rain poured off the porch as i handed them one sparkler after another!

There are plenty more photos on our shutterfly page:

But this one was definitely blog worthy!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Your assistance is requested

I've decided to write a book, or a leaflet, or something of that sort. After being pregnant with Booderbean and now Baby K 2.0 I have encountered many moments where i feel "i should write this down" There are tons of pregnancy advice books out there ranging from various topics yet I haven't found one that just hits the nail on the head in such a way that I want to. The title of my book will be "You Know Your Are Pregnant When..." (more or less a mock off of Jeff Foxworthy).

My good friend Kasey was with me through the entire pregnancy (even showed up for the induction at 6am!) with me last time and shared in many of the not so good, embarrassing, difficult, fun, emotional times of this pregnant lady while Military Man was off serving our country far far away. She said many times that i just needed to write a book about it.

So i will be starting with my latest "moments" below (oh and all of my moments are true happenings!), and would LOVE to have all of you share your "You Know You Are Pregnant When..." moments.
Who knows if this will actually ever get published, but it will be fun to compile!
You Know You Are Pregnant When...
1. You leave work for the day at 5:00 p.m. armed with a baggie of grapes in one hand, and a leftover piece of pizza from lunch in the other. Because Lord knows you must eat ever hour or you just might starve!
2. Your toddler comments on mommies latest purchase of maternity underwear and hollers to daddy "Look at mommies underwear, DADDY THEY ARE HUGE!!!". all this with a look of shock on his face.
3. You are trying to carry on a very important conversation with a coworker and get interrupted by a phone call and literally have no clue what you were even talking about before the phone rang.
4. Your drive home from work every day is a constant struggle just to stay awake, the exhaustion is unbearable.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Fishin'

I don't think the scorching sun or 105 degree heat index bothered Booderbean even for one minute yesterday! We spent Father's Day with Military Man's family and from the minute Booderbean woke up that morning all he could talk about was going fishing and riding the 4-wheeler and playing with his cousin Shelby outside. I tried explaining to him how not many people were going to want to be outside that day, since it was supposed to be a sweltering day, but he didn't seem to care--the little cutie knew someone would go!

And they did! I'm pretty sure all Booderbean has to do to his grandpa is ask him and the next thing you know grandpa is pulling his boots on and they are heading outside! Military man and Grandpa and Booderbean headed out to the pond for some fishing and riding the Mule (the vehicle not the animal!), I of course had to tag along so I could snap some photos.

Grandpa and Booderbean hanging out in the Mule

Booderbean cast and reeled this one in all by himself!!! First time to do that!

Notice how sweaty and hot everyone is...I asked Military Man if it was too much to ask for a nice family photo outside...i just got a laugh fro him :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

i'll pray for you, you pray for me

I'm going to be a big of a copy-cat on my post...a blog i follow--and whom happens to be an old friend from church and high school posted the most awesome post. So good in fact, that i decided i needed to share his idea and get the praying moving :)

I have started the past month saying nightly prayers WITH booderbean. Usually i say our prayer and he listens. On our morning drives we've been talking a lot more about God and Heaven and who all is up there with him. We've had some recent events in our lives that lead us to this discussion more and more. I want booderbean to be comfortable with the idea that some of our loved ones have gone on to Heaven and we will join with them again some day. He's just starting on the praying part so basically it's something like this "i pray that i get to go outside and play at school tomorrow" or "i pray that i get corn dogs for lunch" things like that :)

So here's the deal...booderbean and i will add your prayer requests to our nightly prayers if you would like. The way i see it is, we all have things we need to pray for weather it be our family, our health, our kiddos, a prayer of thanksgiving, whatever it is...send me a comment and we'll have 2 more people sending your prayers up the the Big Guy :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

photo of the week

OK not that I'm saying this will be the only post of the week...I'm just saying this photo could be a "photo of the week" somewhere! Over the weekend we attended the annual Ice Cream Festival in a nearby town. They had all kinds of those bouncy, blow up machines for the kiddos to jump in. Booderbean got in a few of the littler ones, but wasn't too sure of the bigger ones.
I knew that once he got in them he would love them so they let me jump on in the slide one with him for a shot at it.

The photo says it all....Booderbean=excited and Momma=terrified???

By the way, the look on my face is because about .05 seconds after Military Man shot this photo, my legs and Booderbeans legs got wrapped around each other and i pretty much dragged the poor kid down the slide by his knees!!! I thought surely this was the end, he would never get on one again. Luckily i was wrong and he got back on another one. The crowd really did ones of those "oooooooooooooh" sounds as they saw us hurdling toward the bottom of the slide.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

All Aboard!

Two very wonderful things have happened over the course of the last week.
We have boarded the Potty Train!!!!!!!! And i have entered my 2nd Trimester!!!!!

Booderbean got the chicken pox last week and it forced him and i to spend the week cooped up in the house. What a perfect thing to happen!!! I got to enjoy a bit of SAHM life and was given the perfect opportunity to potty train the little man. He had been showing interest lately but we just hadn't nailed it down and stuck to it. And please each of you, right this minute, KNOCK ON WOOD for me. Dare i say this...but potty training is going WAY better than i ever could have imagined! All the worry and stress for the past year over this has come to and end, i feel so silly for stressing myself out over it. This is the second day he has gone to school in his big boy undies and he came home yesterday in the clothes he went to school in!

Every morning is so funny now, he races in when it's time to get dressed to lay aaaaaaaallll his underwear out on the floor neatly while he picks out what he will put on that day. it's too funny!

The picture below is not the best, i only had my camera phone on me at the time but he was posing and actually WANTED to have a picture taken with them on. you get the jest.