Wednesday, July 15, 2009

a moo moo here, and a moo moo there

To any of my readers (HAH-the couple of you out there that is) that have ever been pregnant, you will hopefully be able to relate to this post.

Today is one of my, what i call, "moo moo days". You know the days ladies, when you feel like you are wearing a big ol' tent moo moo dress!! I'm wearing a shirt and pants that are that stretchy, material that just kind of flows and hangs. And for a preggo body, flowing and hanging are not attractive features to be flaunted around!

Now yesterday, i wore this great little outfit that i felt so great, so pretty, so good in! And i didn't get anything...but today, on the way from my car to the office (in the moo moo outfit mind you) i had 3 compliments!
I honestly gave them each the "are you kidding me!!!!" look!

On another baby note, Baby K 2.0 is really becoming quite active in my tummy! i love the feeling! i remembered it from Booderbean and couldn't' wait to feel it again. MWP, if you are reading this i know you are disgusted right now, i remember our talks when you told me you did NOT like that feeling at all!

Military Man is gone for his 2 weeks of yearly training, or "Army Camp" as Booderbean and I have been calling it. So he's not here to hear about all the movements, which is fine b/c you can't feel it from the outside yet. And i realized last night that when he does get home i will be HALF WAY through this pregnancy!!!!!! And that just about freaks me out!!!
I've got way too much to do still to be 1/2 way!

Anywho, happy moo moo day to you all! Booderbean and i will be taking the day off on Friday to head to the zoo--photos will be posted next week for sure!


KendraJane said...

Honey, I still love my moo-moo days! God bless the Maxi Dress trend this summer :)

Biteofpunkinpie said...

ha ha! love the term moo moo day! i thought you might start talking about totally pigging out (which i desperately want to do but every time i try, it all comes back up)...

i think i'm going to dig the maternity clothes out of the attic this weekend. by the time you get to the third, it doesn't take long to start needing them.

enjoy the stretchy & flowy clothes! they'll be tight before you know it!

Mari said...

Wow, I can't believe you are already halfway don't need me to tell you that it flies by way too fast. I am like you and really enjoyed being pregnant, I was a little sad when it ended. Can't wait to see you and the rest of the family in a couple of weeks!!!