Friday, May 28, 2010

teething TWO at a time!

This is not the best photo of my little BrotherBeans teeth, in fact you can't even see them at all! BUT i had to post this of him b/c so far it's the only photo I have of him on the day he cut his first TWO teeth!!
yes, TWO, the poor kid cut 2 teeth through at the same exact time!!

I have GOT to get out of the habit of whipping out the blackberry camera
every time i want to take a quick photo!!! this is the quality i get!

Everyone have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend--we'll be celebrating Military Mans 30th Birthday!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Way-Back Wednesday

This coming Sunday will mark Military Man's big THREE-OH birthday!!  I decided for my Way-Back Wednesday posting we would take a look at where Military Man was this time last year and a few years before...
He was enjoying some homemade carrot cake that BooderBean made for him
He was enjoying his favorite past time...shooting guns

He was enjoying being goofy with BooderBean after dinner
He was 4-wheelin' with his awesome wife and kiddo
He was enjoying a walk around his land with his boy

And he was being recognized as Soldier of the Year

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

another milestone

BrotherBean has had another of his "firsts" recently--he's been eating cereal for about 2 weeks now!  The photos didn't turn out well at all--lighting was awful, location was awful, no one was prepared, we look a mess--but i dont' even care, i wanted to capture his first bites of cereal so you get what you get right!
please dont' judge by the messy and very cluttered dinning nook and our sloppily dressed selves..we'd had one of those weeks and we were told by his Pulmonologist that day to start cereal and Prilosecthat evening so we just let everything else go and tended to our babies! Please tell me everyone has times like this in their homes?

Enjoy the photos of his first bites of cereal!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

if you don't smile something is wrong..

If you don't look at these two boys all smiley and bust out a smile yourself then something is wrong!!

Happy almost FRIDAY!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

my cute little mess of a boy!

This past weekend BooderBean was the ring bearer in our cousin Toni and Greg's wedding in Kansas! We had a really great time and everything was so beautiful at their wedding! BooderBean and i called it our Roadtrip!
So...BooderBean is 3 1/2 years old and was supposed to be still and quiet and reverand during a wedding ceremony...can we see where this is going???
He did pretty good, he did about as good as you can expect a 3 1/2 year old to do after not having much of a lunch and missing nap time! Below are a few of the highlights from his first wedding experience:
  • holding ring pillow in mouth like a dog
  • pretty sure BooderBean thought everyone was there to see HIM, he hammed it up quite a bit
  • he earned $2 from the groomsmen, they bribed him to stand on his "X"
  • he wondered around the stage a few circles, lookin' for his momma
  • had a super sad meltdown looking for his momma in the congregation when he couldnt' see me. it wasn't a bad meltdown, it was a sad one.
  • insisting that he had to go back on "stage" to stand with Jenna, the flowergirl and his new BFF
  • getting bored and sitting on the steps to the alter
  • taking the fake rings off the pillow and playing catch
  • sticking one of the fake rings IN his mouth and causing me to hyperventilate thinking he was going to choke
  • smiling so sweetly as he walked down the isle with the flowergirl, and then helping her pick up all the petals after because they "needed" to be back in the basket!
  • smiling so sweetly for photos before and after, because he thought he had just gotten married (this is what he told me after)
No i didn't get any funny photos of him during the actual wedding but i am sure the photographers snapped a few...because Lord knows they had plenty of opportunity :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

what a hunk...BOTH of them!

OH MAN OH MAN! i have been MIA for the past 2 weeks i just noticed!!
I have so many good photos stuck on my camera and not out here in bloggity blog world! This weekend BooderBean will be the ring bearer in our cousin Toni's wedding in Kansas! We are so excited for her and Greg, yet i am so nervous for a 3 1/2 year old to be the ring bearer when the wedding falls during his nap time! We have been practicing for weeks and talking about it for a year now so i am sure he will do just fine!
We went and picked up his little tiny tux this past week and since Military Man will not be attending the wedding with us (he'll be best man for his best friend the same day in Oklahoma!) we wanted to get a few shots of daddy and son!
I"ll update more next week from the wedding! AND i vow right now to be better at blogging :)