Friday, May 7, 2010

what a hunk...BOTH of them!

OH MAN OH MAN! i have been MIA for the past 2 weeks i just noticed!!
I have so many good photos stuck on my camera and not out here in bloggity blog world! This weekend BooderBean will be the ring bearer in our cousin Toni's wedding in Kansas! We are so excited for her and Greg, yet i am so nervous for a 3 1/2 year old to be the ring bearer when the wedding falls during his nap time! We have been practicing for weeks and talking about it for a year now so i am sure he will do just fine!
We went and picked up his little tiny tux this past week and since Military Man will not be attending the wedding with us (he'll be best man for his best friend the same day in Oklahoma!) we wanted to get a few shots of daddy and son!
I"ll update more next week from the wedding! AND i vow right now to be better at blogging :)


M+D+Bx3 said...

I love these!!! My favorite is BooderBean in front of mirror. I am sersiously falling out of my chair laughing! Love it! Can't wait to see pictuers from the big day! Congrats Toni and Greg

greygillfish said...

OH MY, look at those handsome dudes!

Kase said...

your husband is smokin hot in that hat. Guess that's why he's your husband ;).

My little best bud is growing up so fast. My grandma would say "put a brick on your head your growing too much". hahahah!