Tuesday, April 20, 2010

country cuties

This past rainy yucky weekend we loaded up the boys and headed to the FARM SHOW... this was right up BooderBeans alley! He is absolutly in love with big farm equipment and he could pretty much tell me and Military Man all about every tractor, combine, trailer, etc.! Here are a few cute shots from the day!
BooderBean "driving" BrotherBean in a John Deere
BooderBean got to learn how to milk a cow!!! it was so cute!
THIS scared the snot outa me!!! it was all i could do to snap the photo and run and grab BrotherBean before BooderBean decided he had had enough. Also the first time he has held him!! It made a great shot in front of the giant tractor tire but it still makes me cringe to see a 3 year old holding a 4 month old!


KendraJane said...

this is too cute... and they are dressed so appropriately!!

Kase said...

I love that every picture BrotherBean takes his eyebrows are up his eyes are big like the perpetual "WHAT UP?" face! I love it.