Wednesday, May 19, 2010

another milestone

BrotherBean has had another of his "firsts" recently--he's been eating cereal for about 2 weeks now!  The photos didn't turn out well at all--lighting was awful, location was awful, no one was prepared, we look a mess--but i dont' even care, i wanted to capture his first bites of cereal so you get what you get right!
please dont' judge by the messy and very cluttered dinning nook and our sloppily dressed selves..we'd had one of those weeks and we were told by his Pulmonologist that day to start cereal and Prilosecthat evening so we just let everything else go and tended to our babies! Please tell me everyone has times like this in their homes?

Enjoy the photos of his first bites of cereal!

1 comment:

KendraJane said...

are you kidding.... that "MESS" is nothing compared to my house! :)