Monday, November 16, 2009

boy or girl--THAT is the question

As most of you all know, Military Man and I do NOT find out the sex of our babies until they are born to us. While this frustrates some, it leaves us feeling so excited! Yes, it is very hard to decorate and plan a nursery for a baby when you have no idea what you are having! And trust me--it makes it very tempting and hard when you shop and see all those adorable dresses, hair bows, hats, sweaters, etc. and knowing you will not purchase one thing until you know for sure what you are having! For BooderBeans nursery I decorated in sage/cream toile! I loved it! my mom handmade the bedding and curtains and some awesome friends from work added in the perfect touches with a matching nursery blanket. It was perfect!

The problem this time is...I am sick and tired of seeing green, cream, yellow, white!!! ICK! the colors make my head spin!

I decided this time around....we are doing chocolate brown and PINK or BLUE!!
So for now the nursery is 1/2 decorated in chocolate brown and paint samples are waiting with our choice of PINK or BLUE and soon as we know what we are having we are making one call to my awesome brother who is going out to buy paint and get the room finished that day!
THEN let the decorating begin!!!!
For now though...we were given the suggestion to post pictures of the bedding we have picked out for our little one..which we will wait to order until we have our baby in our arms!

BUT you better believe we'll have the laptop in the hospital with us so i can get some ordering done--I've got everything saved to my favorites and with just a click of the mouse the nursery will be ready to go!

here is a sneak peak of what is to come...


Mom3boys said...

Oh my goodness I love them both!!! Boy or girl this baby is going to be loved my so many....I can't wait to meet my nephew or niece!!!! We still need to have BooderBean's camp out at NeNe's house!!!

greygillfish said...

Love the bedding you chose. I can't wait to see the room finished. You ordering from your hospital bed cracks me up. :)

KendraJane said...

stinking adorable... but I'm still rooting for TEAM PINK! )