Wednesday, November 25, 2009

H1N1 is ruining my life right now!!

Not that anyone in our household has this awful virus or anything...but it is ruining the plans we had made and had been sooooooooo looking forward to for the birth of our second baby!!! You see, because of the big scare and worry out there of this new flu epidemic, all hospitals in OKC have put themselves on strict visitation orders! Meaning that the hospital we are delivering at will not allow anyone under the age of 12 to enter the hospital unless they are a patient, and only 2 visitors are allowed bedside at a time! WHAT????? you mean to tell me my 3 year old will not be allowed to visit his new brother or sister until we get home! This is so upsetting to me, it breaks my heart for my family and most of all for him!
There go those ideas of first time all 4 of us photos in the hospital, there goes the awesome plan we had for BooderBean announcing to everyone in the waiting room what gender we had just had, there goes me feeling safe and secure knowing my family is all in one place and I KNOW what is going on! To those of you reading this thinking, it's no big deal the little guy can stay at home and people can take turns with him for the 2-3 days you are in the hospital, make note of this--we don't' live in the same town as our hospital! We live about 40 minutes from the hospital-i don't want my baby boy that far from me and i don't want to have to rely on a random family member at a random time to watch him and not be able to be at the hospital themselves! I'm a ball of stress, nerves, tears, name it!

To the poor receptionist at the hospital that had to hear the brunt of...I'm sorry! Truly i am sorry i went off like a mad woman to you--it is not your fault, but I'm still not happy!

On a side note, all those emotions above have subsided a bit. After the last 2 nights of crying about it realized there is nothing we can do and they are just looking out for everyone's health and well being! We will just take it and roll with it!

How about a venting session huh!!!

How about a fun picture to liven things up a's from last Thanksgiving Day--BooderBean was helping Aunt NaNa wash dishes--don't you adore that cheesy grin!!!


neta said...

That stinks! I don't even know what to say that would make you feel better.

It would not be the same as him being there but could you set up video conference over the computer to tell Coleman if he has a brother or sister from your room and then Andy could take the laptop down the hall to the waiting family members and have Coleman tell them via the computer?????

KendraJane said...

that's sooooo sad!!! I'd be in tears too! Feel free to drop him by my house if you need to, Miss Priss and I can keep him company while you're having the baby!

Mom3boys said...

Campout at NeNe's!!!! I know how upsetting this is...I can not believe it. But know that BooderBean will be in good hands and having a blast running around with his cousins. I love Neta's idea about the video conference...I'll have hubby set up the webcam tonight!!