Monday, November 30, 2009

now THAT'S a big turkey!

Thanksgiving this year was so great! I got to eat and eat and eat!!! haha, one of the many perks of being pregnant at the holidays! I am pretty sure I had about 4 plates of my aunts stuffing! and MAN what i wouldn't' give for some right now!
Too bad my camera broke after taking 2 photos and i can't get the stinkin' thing to do anything! It's in the shop now getting worked on, luckily mom loaned us hers so we would have a camera for whenever Baby K 2.0 arrives!
Here are only 2 photos i managed to snag from my uncle, i don't know that i even got one of little Booderbean!!! surely someone in the fam got some!! i'll have to start searching!
BUT--even though the 2nd photo is not so flattering of me AT ALL, i wanted you all to see what a big ol' turkey i was at Thanksgiving :)
This is a photo of my sister and my cousin and I! love these girls!

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