Tuesday, June 9, 2009

All Aboard!

Two very wonderful things have happened over the course of the last week.
We have boarded the Potty Train!!!!!!!! And i have entered my 2nd Trimester!!!!!

Booderbean got the chicken pox last week and it forced him and i to spend the week cooped up in the house. What a perfect thing to happen!!! I got to enjoy a bit of SAHM life and was given the perfect opportunity to potty train the little man. He had been showing interest lately but we just hadn't nailed it down and stuck to it. And please each of you, right this minute, KNOCK ON WOOD for me. Dare i say this...but potty training is going WAY better than i ever could have imagined! All the worry and stress for the past year over this has come to and end, i feel so silly for stressing myself out over it. This is the second day he has gone to school in his big boy undies and he came home yesterday in the clothes he went to school in!

Every morning is so funny now, he races in when it's time to get dressed to lay aaaaaaaallll his underwear out on the floor neatly while he picks out what he will put on that day. it's too funny!

The picture below is not the best, i only had my camera phone on me at the time but he was posing and actually WANTED to have a picture taken with them on. you get the jest.


neta said...

What a big boy and he is oh so proud!

Mom3boys said...

SO CUTE!!! Welcome aboard BooderBean! NeNe is so proud of you-love you and miss you sweet boy!

Biteofpunkinpie said...

Wooooohoooooo!!!! A few months off from buying diapers?! AWESOME!

greygillfish said...

YEAH for the big boy in your house. Just in time to buy more diapers for the baby...LOL!

I do like that collage hanging behind him. It is time to make a new one. :)