Wednesday, June 3, 2009

the pox

Chicken pox has found it's way into our home! Actually as i post this we are on the very downhill side of the illness! YEAH!
I took booderbean to school Monday morning and just happened to show his teacher this itchy rash on his upper arm, i told her i was sure it was nothing but an allergy because we gave him benadryl and did benadryl cream and it was clearing up. I just wanted to be the informative mom and let her know, she went on to inform me that they had received a call from one of booderbeans little classmates parents late Friday evening that CHICKEN POX was at their home. which meant that for the 2 days prior to that the poor kid was at school infecting all the others because they didn't know he had it yet. Honestly i didn't' think anything of it because booderbean seem JUST fine and there was no way he had it. Never mind the fact that the kid that had it just happened to be booderbeans BFF.
Well about 11:45 on Monday my phone rings...his school is pretty positive he's got chicken pox! Great...i rush out of the office and try to make an appointment. Of course the doc is closed till 1pm for lunch. I go get the little man and sure enough, it looks like what i would assume chicken pox looks like. Finally get ahold of the doc and they won't see him until 4:30pm, AND we have to use the back entrance. They wanted to keep the exposure to other patients to a minimum, i get it i get it i really do, but MAN did i feel like we had the plague or something! So we head home to hang out till our appt. 4:30 rolls around and you guessed it, he has chicken pox. He is to stay out of school till the following Monday. Luckily since him and all his friends (5 others have been sent home with the same thing!) got the chicken pox vaccine they all have a very mild case of chicken pox, it's not nearly as bad as it was when we were all young!

I gotta say, even though my little boy is sick and not feeling so well and very clingy and emotional, this has been the best 2 days stuck at home of my life!!! We have played, red books, snuggled on the couch watching all of the Elmo DVD's, and cleaned the house like crazy!
I could really get used to this SAHM thing!!!

too bad i have to head to work tomorrow, have a seminar i just can't get out of.

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greygillfish said...

I hope booderbean made it back to school today.