Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Fishin'

I don't think the scorching sun or 105 degree heat index bothered Booderbean even for one minute yesterday! We spent Father's Day with Military Man's family and from the minute Booderbean woke up that morning all he could talk about was going fishing and riding the 4-wheeler and playing with his cousin Shelby outside. I tried explaining to him how not many people were going to want to be outside that day, since it was supposed to be a sweltering day, but he didn't seem to care--the little cutie knew someone would go!

And they did! I'm pretty sure all Booderbean has to do to his grandpa is ask him and the next thing you know grandpa is pulling his boots on and they are heading outside! Military man and Grandpa and Booderbean headed out to the pond for some fishing and riding the Mule (the vehicle not the animal!), I of course had to tag along so I could snap some photos.

Grandpa and Booderbean hanging out in the Mule

Booderbean cast and reeled this one in all by himself!!! First time to do that!

Notice how sweaty and hot everyone is...I asked Military Man if it was too much to ask for a nice family photo outside...i just got a laugh fro him :)

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