Tuesday, June 16, 2009

photo of the week

OK not that I'm saying this will be the only post of the week...I'm just saying this photo could be a "photo of the week" somewhere! Over the weekend we attended the annual Ice Cream Festival in a nearby town. They had all kinds of those bouncy, blow up machines for the kiddos to jump in. Booderbean got in a few of the littler ones, but wasn't too sure of the bigger ones.
I knew that once he got in them he would love them so they let me jump on in the slide one with him for a shot at it.

The photo says it all....Booderbean=excited and Momma=terrified???

By the way, the look on my face is because about .05 seconds after Military Man shot this photo, my legs and Booderbeans legs got wrapped around each other and i pretty much dragged the poor kid down the slide by his knees!!! I thought surely this was the end, he would never get on one again. Luckily i was wrong and he got back on another one. The crowd really did ones of those "oooooooooooooh" sounds as they saw us hurdling toward the bottom of the slide.

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greygillfish said...

Hysterical! Don't you know you can't do that stuff when you are preggo! :) Glad you didn't scare him to badly. Hope to see you soon!